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  1. jm77

    First Division

    I was reading some old VDW posts and "First Division" was mentioned. It was stated that it could be argued he wasn't a selection but was being used to make an important point. I have a list of 103 horses given by VDW, but First Division doesn't appear among them. Does anyone know in which...
  2. banjaxed


    It's been a long time since I did any of this and I reckon it'll show too ... Started looking at the Cambridgeshire today but swiftly began to disappear up my own back passage - I'd forgotten how difficult I always found it trying to apply the VDW stuff. So then I looked at the 2:50 at Market...
  3. banjaxed

    VDW Coming back to VDW - again!

    Hi all, Thanks for letting me in. I was involved in the initial Yahoo forum all those years ago, this one looks much, much more useful and productive. I got all the books etc. when they were published but still haven't been able to make sense of it all or find the infamous 'missing link' ...
  4. Tom O'Brien


    I originally posted this on VDW Rambling but I feel it deserves a post of its own. Pat Power was a great advocate of VDW, and indeed claimed a strike rate of 70% , including staking £50 each way on Selhurst Flyer at 33/1 when it won at Royal Ascot on 20/06/97. He also said he won £2000 when...
  5. UKGraham

    VDW Rambling

    I well remember the attention given to VDW years ago in the Raceform Update although I have never got caught up in the discussion and interpretation of his writing before today. Having seen this VDW board here and realising how many people still develop their punting methods using his wisdom...
  6. formtheory

    My V.D.W betting Journey!

    Hi Everyone ! I have decided to begin a blog, posting my bets and thoughts regarding the races I will look at. This will hopefully motivate me, and push me forward. The Betting Bank start will be 130 pts, I shall bet 3% each bet. I know there are mixed views when it comes to V.D.W but I have...
  7. hedgehog

    VDW hedgehog/stubble - trying to get lucky

    Hello all, The form has settled down, the going is consistent and there are few debutantes so all the making of a lucky patch. Today I looked at the 3.50 ascot and have it between Novelist, Very Nice Name, Hillstar and Trading Leather but the current going is against N and VNN which...
  8. trecelyn

    I did it my way

    Over the years I have read so much on this subject and still can’t make up my mind one way or the other but what really annoys me about it is that whenever it is discussed it normally degenerates into a session of name calling and various allegations of untruths. Some people allege they have...
  9. Bobajobber

    VDW Systematic Betting

    Systematic Betting A book with an inappropriate title, the author thought that the effort had been wasted ,but if understood would of carried the readers a long way. Why do you think VDW said that?