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The 2.5 goal market trial...


The 2 Sunday games (as with a lot of games for me on Sunday !) bombed. Anderlecht got themselves a red card at 1-1 and shut up shop... Schalke v Frankfurt only managed a single goal.

There are 2 games in the Bundesliga tonight... the Belgian league didn't highlight any qualifiers at all for their next full round of games;


Just 1 winner from the 2 Bundesliga games... Bayern just failing to get the last goal needed in their 2-0 win.

The P/L chart looks like this;

I think I can now draw a line under this trial which was started almost 6 months ago. I have checked the best part of 1000 games to pick qualifiers using the system detailed in the first post of this thread, with the following breakdown on results;

As you can see, of those 1000-odd games checked, there were only 96 qualifiers (even less when employing an odds filter to improve profitability). Both streams produced a profit, but it's a labour-intensive affair for too little reward considering the amount of regular checking that's needed.
If anyone wants to use this system, then the 1000 game test has proved it's profitability, and if you can automate the process in any way, then it's worth doing. I would suggest just concentrating on either high or low scoring leagues, as when I trialled an average scoring one (Sweden Allsvenskan) the results were not good.