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UK All Weather Speed Ratings Template


Just looking at your DP no weight spreadsheet and a few races are not showing up ratings they are as follows

23/06/20 Navan 1:00 and Navan 1:30
07/07/20 Leicester 4:40


Hi Cashelman Cashelman the DP no weight spreadsheet I posted as David Punshon David Punshon had request an amendment to is the MAX OR was zero it would return zero, those races you mention were all races where no horses had ORs so that will be the reason, use the template I posted before this the original no weight template and there will not be such problems


As I put more data in the spreadsheets are taking an age to complete is that my computer or is it as is
That is how it is with so many calculations
I have a different sheet for each course and link them to a database
This can be useful because you can spot trends in each course distance.
The sheets I use have even more calculations and just 3 1/2 years of data for Wolverhampton has 17000 rows by itself.
If you didn’t want to have one for each course, you could split into AW and Turf
But there is no avoiding it excel can only do what it can do, that’s why originally I had the sheet set for 20000 lines but I made it do 200000 for you , bit too much for one sheet.
How many months data do you have in the sheet now?


About 10000 lines each in both AW and flat sheets
im surprised it’s creaking that much, I reckon if we had kept the formulas at 20000 it wouldn’t be slow at all with 10000 rows, I reckon this is the downside of the 200000 contingency.
I remember I originally tried 1 million and it was slow


Thank you it has taken near on 4 hours today to update a weeks worth of results on both
That’s ridiculous lots of my sheets have more than 10000 rows and way more complicated than the template and even the worst one I had wouldn’t take more than a few minutes, defeats the whole purpose of the sheet if it takes that long.


Cashelman Cashelman
I tested it today I downloaded the template straight from the thread, copied nearly 11000 rows of data from the last 3 years from Newcastle into the template, it took 11mins 11 seconds to calculate ratings for these initial 11000 horses.
Then I copied a whole weeks results from HRB into the sheet another 3200 rows of form and it took 6mins 22 seconds to calculate the whole weeks ratings.
Bit slower than I anticipated but I think thi should is dues to having contingency for 200000 rows of form in the sheet.
Nowhere near 4 hours so it must be you machine.
To be honest if it's taking 4 hours it's not worth it, could do it all quicker without the template.
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Hi, new on here and happy to be told no, but has anyone already download all the uk flat races for the past 2 years I could cheekily have please, so I can start my own downloading from today.