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Top 20 Trainers


Just AW on the UK mainland today, which is difficult for me :( . These are the trainers selections I would consider.

Newcastle (going forecast standard to slow with showers)

2.10 Glen Again, Flying High
2.20 Cityzen Serg (Mabre 6/1 mkt 10.00 won LTO not trainer stat)
3.10 Oo De Lally (Majestic Tejaan)


Warwick (going forecast Soft/Heavy)

12.40 Pasley (Frankinsence won LTO not trainer stat)
1.15 Sky Pirate, Amoola Gold
1.50 Next Destination, (Fiddleronthehoof 2nd LTO not trainer stat)
2.25 Make me A Believer, Midnight River
3.00 Notachance, Captain Chaos
3.35 Ardlethen, Imperial Alcazar
4.05 Gold Bullion, Ted's Friend


Rather slow Sunday with just the AW on the UK mainland. I have gone with the Mark Johnston runners, better than 35% seasonal strike rate and over 57% places. The Fahey yard has 6 runners out and a 20% seasonal strike-out making it difficult to sort out which to bet, in the 4.05 they have Unapologetic 40/1 market 10.45.

Southwell (going forecast St)

1.35 Ghost Rider (Driftwood 3rd LTO not trainer stat)
2.35 Notation (Mukha Magic 3rd LTO not trainer stat)
3.35 Requinto Dawn (Zylan won LTO not trainer stat)
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These are not the usual suspects as there is a different set of trainers in Scotland. This is just a test to see if I can come anywhere near. The Ollie Murphy yard has a fairly good record overall.

Ayr (going forecast heavy - showers)

12.25 Champagnesuperover, Ugo Du Misselot
1.25 Dame De Compagnie
3.00 Sinndarella
3.35 Made For You
4.05 Everyday Champagne, Parisencore


Selections from my top 10 seasonal trainers list plus some stats.

Exeter Going forecast S - rain) market odds from 11.20

1.15 Tartan Flyer 33/1
1.45 Welsh Saint 5/4, Full Back 15/8 won LTO not trainer stat.
2.15 Patroclus 13/8, Astigar 5/4
2.45 Go Steady 9/1, Fearless Fracas 2nd LTO not trainer stat.
3.45 Ballybreen 15/8, Sandford Castle 7/1 won LTO not trainer stat.
4.15 Chavez 13/8, Mot A Mot 15/8


Newbury (going forecast Hvy with some S - light rain) market odds from 10.30.

12.55 Gallyhill 3/10, Minella Tara 13/2
1.25 Birchdale 4/1, Harambe 5/1
2.00 Hamilton's Fantasy 11/8, Buttsbury Lady 16/1
2.30 Gowel Road 3/1, Clondaw Promise 14/1
3.05 Panic Attack 11/8, Midnights Gift 10/1
3.35 El Kaldoun 4/1, As You Like 25/1
4.05 Broomfield Burg 6/4, Great Hart 9/1
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I try to avoid heavy going for betting, but today I will leave to the listed trainers with runners that have shown form.

Ludlow (going forecast Hvy/S0

1.10 Heross De Seuil
2.40 Robin Gold, Memphis Belle
3.10 Lessankan
4.10 Balco Coastal


My top 10 seasonal trainers to date over the jumps and that represents 2% of those currently licensed, so can't be bad :) .

Doncaster (going forecast S - showers) market odds from 10.50.

1.32 Bumpy Johnson 10/3 (others Folks On The Hill 50/1, The Edgar Wallace 5/4)
2.37 Progressive 7/4 (others Volkova 14/1, Her Indoors 5/1)
3.10 Lunar Sovereign 13/2 (others Flinteur Sacre 8/11, Grangeclare 20/1, Starvoski 18/1)
3.45 Inawhilecrocodile 7/1
4.17 Do Ya feel Lucky 10/1


Doncaster (going forecast S with some GS) market odds from 10.15. Some listed trainers runners to consider.

12.55 Corrie Lindo 14/1 won LTO not trainer stat (other Sunset West 13/8 2nd LTO not trainer stat)
1.30 Shiskin 1/5 (other Fast Buck 14/1)
2.05 Miranda 5/2 (others Floressa 9/4, Marie's Rock 2/1)
2.40 Emir Sacree 15/2 (ohters Bobhopeornohope 11/2, Ask A Honey 9/2, Ashtown Lad 15/2, Took The Lot 50/1)
3.15 Give me A Copper 10/1 (others Canelo 6/1, Rocky's Treasure 13/1)
3.50 Rathlin House20/1 (other Who's In The Box 4/1 won LTO not trainer stat)
4.25 Billams Legacy 16/5 (other Teescomponentslass 5/1 2nd LTO not trainer stat)


Not the mainly usual suspects as there is mainly a different set of trainers up north. Just for interest so I can 'watch on' on the TV and best I could identify after a quick check.

Musselburgh (going forecast S)
1.25 Fire Away
1.55 Wise Glory, Carlos Feux
2.55 Prince Kayf, Chapel Stile
3.25 Third Time Lucki, Bareback Jack
3.55 Big Difference
4.25 Bullion Boss, Get The Appeal


Something rather different as these are from the top ten of my current season Class B list trainers, but they are all within the top 3.5% of the BHA list, so not bad :prankster: . All the current Class A listed trainers from below the top 2% BHA are over at Taunton today, which is perhaps where we should be. The good thing about my Class B trainers is that they sometimes win at good odds in the absence of Class A trainers.

Wetherby (going forecast S with some Hvy) Market odds shown from around 10.50.

1.45 Slievegar 14/1, Here Comes McCoy 10/3 (actually there is a Class A trainer Kim Bailey with Balleticon 5/4)
2.15 Snougar 15/4
2.45 Herds Garden 12/1
3.20 Eceparti 15/8
3.55 Runasini River 11/4
5.00 Milans Edge 5/4