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Top 20 Trainers


Re. the trainers list variation for Newbury on poor going yesterday of the 15 named - two won and an exacta, two second, one third 9/1. So worth giving it another go on the Channel 4 races today, just for interest mind.

Newbury (going forecast soft side of good)
2.45 Eagle Top
3.20 Remarkable - Log Out Island, King Of Rocks
3.55 Mahsoob - GM Hopkins, Toormore
4.30 Cartago - Vivre Pour Vivre, Danehill Kodiac

Newmarket (going forecast on the firm side of good)
3.00 Wolfcatcher - Poyle Thomas, Desert Encounter
3.35 Thikiriyat - Scrutineer, Elronaq
4.10 Venturous - Powerballied, Mr Upton
Hi Jackform Jackform i hope you are well i just had the hannon runner up in the first at brighton so its a bit of gardening this pm, the original is a great system thank you for sharing




Franktheform Franktheform I am very pleased that it works for you. I don't apply the list now in its original form as there are too many bets for me, I am more your one a day backer, if that.
I presume that you will be at Nottingham today and not at the new 'tapioca' dirt track. My weekly updated trainers list gives these selections:

Nottingham (going forecast on the firm side of good)
2.10 No 3 Hannon
2.45 No 11 Fahey (by odds), N0 9 Fahey
3.15 No 10 M Appleby
3.50 No 1 won LTO (by odd), No 6 won LTO
4.20 No 3 C Appleby
4.50 No 9 Hannon
5.20 No 5 Hannon
5.55 No 6 2nd LTO (by odds), No 13 2nd LTO


Some system test this as I have been using it since 1979 and it was going long before that, mind you mine is a variation on the original of course.

Ayr (going forcast soft side of good)
1.45 Carson City - Town Charter
2.15 Danish Duke
2.45 Dark Confidant
3.15 Ingleby Hollow
3.50 Causey Arch - Toffee Apple , Big Red
4.20 nil
4.55 Shadow Game - Jay Kay
5.30 Lady Cordie - Dark Crystal, Fine Example

Top 20 trainers for week commencing 3 July (add an increment for LTO current season - win = 10, 2nd = 7, 3rd = 6, 4th = 3)

20. Fahey
19. Gosden
18. Hannon
17. Varian
16. Johnston
15. Stoute
14. A Balding
13. CAppleby
12. Cox
11. Beckett
10. Channon
9. Simcock
8. Burke
7. Palmer
6. O'Meara
5. Weld
4. C Hills
3. Ryan
2. Botti
1. Suroor
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The boys done good at Ayr yesterday :D.

Pontefract (going forecast on the firm side of good)
2.10 Prerogative - Springwood, Katebird
2.40 Mr Orange - Semana Santa, Emerald Asset
3.10 Gratzie - Black Cherry, Mothers Finest
3.40 Ballymore Castle - Majdool
4.10 Brief Visit - Trainnah, Fastnet Blast
4.40 Theos Lolly - Whitkirk, Bit Of A Quirke
5.10 Stardrifter - Lido Lady, Azzir

Comment: Anyone checking the cards yesterday might say that selection is not a trainer on the list given. The fact of the matter is that once you get down below 10 on the trainers list horses that have placed last time out in the current season can take precedence e.g., in the 4.10 today Trainnah 6 (for 3rd LTO) and Fastnet Blast 3 (for 4th LTO) take precedence over Different Journey Suroor rated 1 at the bottom of the trainers list.


Theos Lady stopped the rot yesterday after some seconditis earlier. Bath evening meeting today and does not look anything to get excited about trainerwise.

Bath (going forecast soft side of good)
6.00 Lillyput - Assertive Agent, Titus Secret
6.30 The Special One - Our Lord, Captain Ryan
7.00 Summer Chorus - Jaywalker, Go On Go On Go On
7.30 Justice Smart - Signal Hill, Corked
8.00 Highlife Dancer - Lady Blanco, Desert Cross
8.30 Pongo Twistleton - Fishergate, Strictly Art
9.00 Ballyfarsoon - Blue Top, Captain George


Not a disaster yesterday 2 points down with a 4/1 winner and some near misses among the dangers listed. Today at HQ we have loadsa trainers list runners to consider. Not only that O'Brien has 3 to check out although not on the list as it is for UK based trainers only (I know Weld is on there but that's an error on my part).

Newmarket (going forecast firm side of good)

2.10 Shabeeb - Platitude, Goldmember (Housesofparliament -O'Brien?)
2.40 Aroad - Mehmas, Bohemian Flame (intelligence Cross - O'Brien?)
3.15 Battersea - Exosphere, Elite Army
3.45 Madrinho - Taneen, Dancing Star
4.20 Hawana - Texas Kate, Believable
4.55 Suffragette City - Bouquet De Flores, Island In The Sky
5.30 Manaboo - Cymric, Lumiere (General MacArthur - O'Brien)
6.05 Diamond Lady - Soie D'leau, Top Boy


Dropped 3 points yesterday but could have been in profit following O'Brien.

Newmarket (going forecast on the firm side of good)

2.05 Hyde Park - Khalidi, Mr Tyrell
2.40 Blair House - Archie, Clear Water
3.10 Eternally - Aristocaratic, Drifting Spirit
3.45 Nasimi - Nations Alaexander, Soul Silver (Roly Poly - O'Brien)
4.15 Usherette - Always Smile, Amazing Maria (Alice Springs - O'Brien)
4.45 Autocratic - Cartago, Ode To Evening
5.20 Withernsea - Certificate, Enlace


Busy - so just the top-rated in each race, hoping they will redeem themselves (watch out for the O'Brien runners)

Newmarket (going forecast GF)

2.15 Dabiyah
2.50 Spiritous
3.25 Hornsby
4.oo White Tower
4.35 Eastern Impact
5.10 Heaven's Guest
5.45 Gold Faith



Top 20 trainers week commencing 10 July (increments win = 10, 2nd = 7, 3rd = 6, 4th = 3)

20. Hannon
19. Gosden
18. Fahey
17. Johnston
16. Varian
15. Cox
14. Stoute
13. C Appleby
12. Palmer
11. A Balding
10. Beckett
9. Simcock
8. Burke
7. O'Meara
6. Channon
5. Ryan
4. Haggas
3. C Hills
2. Suroor
1. Botti

(I managed to remember to leave out O'Brien and Weld this week)


Gone to Ayr today for the trainers rather than Windsor, as the feature race looks better.

Ayr (going forecast soft side of good)

2.00 Eldorado Creek - Aventinius, Alexander
2.30 Beautiful Stranger - Jay Kay, Eastern Dragon
3.00 Azzir - Archie's Advice, Royal Regent
3.30 Balance - Gonnodaethat, Haqeeba
4.00 Rio Deva - Reflation, Tribesman
4.30 Fullon Clarets - Sophie, Moonlightnavigator
5.00 Cape Hideaway - Roc De Prince, Hero's Story


Quite a few winners amongst the dangers yesterday. At Bath today many of the runners are selected on LTO placing form as no listed trainer has a runner.

Bath (forecast going GF)

2.00 Love Oasis - Irish Melody, George Ravenscar
2.30 Free To Love - Nag's Wag, Hepworth Marble
3.05 Papa Lugi - Silken Shoes, Dark Shot, Kassia, Olympic Runner (best race for listed trainers)
3.40 Verne Castle - Rosealee, Showmethewayavrilo
4.10 Lady D's Rock - Doctor Kehoe, Surprise Us
4.45 Bernisdale - Ballyfarsoon, Harry's Endeaver


Chepstow (going forecast firm side of good)

2.10 Leontes
2.40 Feed The Goater
3.15 Ettie Hart
3.45 Mendacious Harpy
4.15 Ginzan
4.50 Go Amber Go
5.25 Miss Ranger
5.55 Phantom River


Newbury (going forecast GF)

2.00 Asaas
2.30 Heavenly Angel
3.05 Ruscombe
3.40 Nobly Born - Miss Infinity
4.15 Vive Ma Fille
4.45 Port Large
5.15 Pettochside


Is it 2016 since I last posted on this thread -I don't believe it!

These selections from my current top ten trainers merit list over the jumps, where the market support indicates some confidence :) .

Warwick (going forecast Soft with some Heavy so not ideal?) market odds from 11.20.

12.16 Aheadfullofdreams 11/4 (other Stadmallen 25/1)
12.50 Hunny Moon 6/5 (other Champagne Lilly)
1.20 Clondaw Storm 3/1 (N Twiston-Davies 8% past 14 days and poor 5 year record here)
2.55 Gars Bar Dine 9/2
3.25 Shearer 4/7 (P Nicholls only runner 23% past 14 days) or Lac De Constance 15/4 (D Skelton 26% past 14 days)

Wishing punters everywhere a Prosperous New Year :dreads:


My current top 10 trainers over the jumps updated to 11 Jan.

Wetherby (going forecast heavy with some soft showers)

1.00 Lust For Glory (Vienna Court)
1.30 Rockstar Ronnie (Henry Gondoff)
2.05 Eclair D'Ainay
2.35 Shannon Bridge (Pop The Cork)
3.10 Little Red Lion (Eccossais - won LTO not trainer selection)
3.40 Tweed Skirt (Maroochi)


My top 10 jumps trainers plus some stats.

Leicester (going forecast soft with some heavy and showers)

1.10 Ballyneety (Tip Top Cat)
1.40 Goodbye Dancer (Paricolor)
2.10 Cut The Mustard (Zambella)
2.40 When You're Ready (Chazza)
3.10 Miss Gemstone (Lord Sparky won LTO not trainer stat)
3.40 Major Robinson (Fontaine Collonges 3rd LTO not trainer stat)


Total lack of confidence in our trainers today but have to keep trying :prankster:.

Fontwell (going forecast Heavy/Soft)

1.00 Beaufort
2.00 Umbrigado
3.00 Midnight Ginger (Belle De Manech won LTO not trainer stat)
3.30 Ballybreen (Love The Leader won LTO not trainer stat)