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Top 20 Trainers


Keeping to the Irish theme again today with Naas, and attempted to put them in some order of merit.

Naas (going forecast heavy)
14.10 Probability % nos Betfair around 09.30 - 3 restricted
Royal Caviar 27 (Mullins), Attribution 25 (Bromhead)
14.40 5, 7 restricted
Tell Us More 20 (Mullins)
15.10 1, 3, 4, 6, 8, 9, 11 open
Noble Emperor 23 (Martin), Bamabo Maniviere 20 (Mullins), Desertmore Steam 19 (Elliott)
15. 40 3, 4, 7, 10 restricted
Wes Hardin 21 (Meade)
16.10 3, 5 restricted
A Genie In Abottle 25 (Meade)
16.40 1, 2, 4, 5, 6, 7, 11 open
Nickname Exit 29 (Elliott), Captain Von Trappe 25 (Elliott), Galliant Oscar 16 (Martin)
17.10 1, 4, 6 restricted
Good Thyne Tauwy 26 (Mullins), She's A Star 25 (Meade), Shattered Love 19 (Elliott)


How are the top dogs doing at the tail end of the jumps season?

2.00 Ozzie The Oscar
2.35 Benvolio - Tour Des Champs
3.40 Antartica De Thaix
4.15 Jaboltiski
4.50 Sportsreport
5.25 Cash Again


As an alternative to cudgelling the brain reading the form book following a list of successful trainers has it's advantages, not the least being that better odds often occur. These are the trainers at Cheltenham from the top 20 list compiled on April 10:

Cheltenham (going forecast a little on the soft side of good)
1.50 Rock On Oscar
2.20 Bertie Boru
3.00 Might Bite
3.35 Voix D'Eau
4.10 Kentucky Star
4.45 Dormello Mo
5.20 Thunder Sheik


FLAT trainers list - 1st one for 2016. Add an increment to trainer's rating for last time out current season - win 10, 2nd 7, 3rd 6, 4th 3.

20. Fahey
19. Johnston
18. M Appleby
17. Gosden
16. Stuart Williams
15. Hannon
14. D Evans
13. Varian
12. Botti
11. Haggas
10. Channon
9. A balding
8. Beckett
7. Simcock
6. Suroor
5. C Appleby
4. Osborne
3. Ivory
2. Barron
1. Elsworth

Lingfield (up to top 3 rated in each race)
4.45 Bargain Buy 21, The Black Princess 19
5.15 Jersey Roy 20, Guapo Bay 15
5.45 Ordinal 29
6.15 Skeaping 22, Brorocco 9
6.45 Intiwin 20, Grey Mirage 12, Lovely Memory 6
7.15 Justice Grace 15, Dubai Mission 15, Sehayli 11
7.45 Nil


From the last post results it looks like trainers have the same difficulty with dirt track as I always do :confused:.

Rather early season for the Flat turf but a decent card at Sandown today, so just some from the list that have been out already:

1.20 Abareeq 29, Ebtihal 16
1.50 Our Channel 21, Tullius 15
2.20 Ode To Evening 26, Ventura Storm 25, Dwight 21
2.55 Belardo 23
5.05 Soldier In Action 29, Atarsheed 21
I bought the rfo guide to the flat particularly for the said ingredients to but this together and sticking to the top turf only trainers on the turf tracks ignoring scoooooootland, evening racing sticking to the principle meeting of the day and going to bfsp everybody would be pleasantly surprised with the outcome In fact I dare say wealthier i certainly am. i have carefully put 2 lists together based on the said criteria the original author suggested and then created the master list.

Simple in its approach but very pleased with the results.



Currently being wary of the Flat turf at this stage of the season.

Richard Fahey is rather a 'shotgun' trainer firing off entries in all directions. He is at present top of the trainers list with 48 wins from almost 500 runners gaining £422K prize money.

Has 4 runners out today with Thirsk 2.20 Sadie Babes a possible each-way chance in this 18 runner class 6 3yo hcap.


Flat trainers list 2 May 16 (increments for LTO current season - 1st 10, 2nd 7, 3rd 6, 4th 3.

20. Fahey
19. Johnston
18. Gosden
17. M Appleby
16. Hannon
15. S Williams
14. Channon
13. Botti
12. Palmer
11. Varian
10. Simcock
9. Beckett
8. D Evans
7. Stoute
6. Haggas
5. A Balding
4, Barron
3. C Appleby
2. Ivory
1. Burke

(I am going to try something else with trainers later today :D)


My race for trainers today Bath 2.30 (going forecast good to firm)

6. Fitzwilly - Channon/De Sousa

Infineform rates these three East India, Sunny Future, Havisham


ronin ronin one race does not a system make, or mar, so they tell me :D.

Brighton (going forecast conflicting reports but goodish)
Probability % nos 1, 2, 4, 5 indicating an open contest. Strong fav 6/4, contender 3/1, not expected 6/1 and longer.

5. Mariee - Johnston/Norton (a contender bet at 11/4). Beaten fav didn't run too well last time out but hopefully better than these today.
7. Kismet Hardy - Hannon/Levey) 10/1 early?

Infineform three Mariee, Ice Slice, Pour La Victoire


Chester (going forecast GS)
4.20 class 3 4yo+ 5 furlong sprint with 8 runners.

5. Maljaa - Varian/Hanagan

Infineform three - Sir Maximilian, Maljaa, Rene Mathis
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Chester (Going forecast GS)
2.10 class 2 4yo+ hcap over 10 furlongs with 11 runners.

Darshini - Stoute/Moore (a contender bet at 9/2

Infieform three Darshini, What About Carlo, Dark Red (a contender bet at 5/1)


Chester (going firmed to good)
3.10 class 1 4yo+ stakes over 11 furlongs+ with 7 runners.

Dartmouth (Stoute/Moore) drawn 2 - (a bet at 13/8)
Wicklow Brave (Mullins /Buick) drawn 7 (a bet at 7/2)

Infineform three - Wicklow Brave, Dartmouth, Father Christmas


Flat trainers list 9 May

20. Fahey = same rating as last list
19. Gosden +1
18. Hannon +2
17. Johnston -2
16. M Appleby -1
15. S Williams =
14. Stoute +7
13. Palmer +1
12. Botti -1
11. Channon -3
10. Varian -1
9. Dunlop +9
8. D Evans =
7. Beckett -2
6. A Balding +1
5. Simcock-5
4. C Appleby +1
3. Dascombe +3
2. Haggas -4
1. Barron -3


Chepstow (going forecast GF)
6.55 class 6 maiden auction stakes over 8 furlongs with 9 runners.
Probability % nos early market - 4, 5, 7, 8 indicating a win from shorter odds

Zauffaly - Ed Dunlop/Crowley ( a bet at 85/40)

Infineform - Skeaping (alternative bet at 9/4), Zauffaly.


Yestrday's choice went too short for a bet in the end, which was fortunate.

York (going forecast good to firm)
3.45 class 1 fillies stakes over 10 furlongs with 7 runners. A race often used with success by John Gosden for trialling and has a strong contender with So Mi Dir, currently too short for a bet at odds-on.
Probability % nos early market 3, 4, 7 indicating a short odds win. Strong fav 6/4, contender 3/1, not expected longer than 6/1.

Fireglow - Johnston/Buick (a speculative bet at small stakes at 5/1. There is just a suggestion that the Johnston yard may be coming into form)

Infienform three - Best In The World (Moore up), So Mi Dir, Fireglow


A wealth warning is issued for this post which is a completely new variation on the top 20 trainers list - so just for interest. Why? well you can't keep trotting out the same old stuff, we have to try and improve.

Newbury (going forecast heavy side of soft confirmed by the withdrawals. So perhaps not a good day to trot out a variation, anyway we will leave it to our trainers)

1.30 Spiritous -Wahash, Waqaas
2.00 Cunco - Zebulon, Oceanus
2.35 Nil
3.10 Golden Steps - Dougan
3.45 Emerald Loch - Edward Lewis, Chess Master
4.15 Ulysees - New World Power
4.50 Snan - (Manjaam - edited a.m. 14th :oops:)
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