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The Fine Form Master Formula


I should have the courage of my convictions or at any rate assessments when making calls :( and i would probably do better.

Warwick (going forecast S rain) RP Spotlight selects Black mischief (14 pundits disagree)
7.20 Market expected 11.05* no's 1, 3, 5, 6, 9, 10, 11, 13, 15 indicating an open contest.

3*. Black Mischief 1 tip CD). 10 = 15/2 Fineform (12/1 mkt). LTO 739 market could be best indicator?
9* Fantasy Lady 4 tips (D). 11 = 13/2 (6/1 mkt). LTO 64 won Doncaster. Useful hurdler. N Henderson/N de Boinville.
11* Stormy Flight 3 tips. 16 = 4/1 (11/4 mkt). LTO 37 won Uttoxeter. Asserted late on.
15* Sammylou. 13 = 11/2 (12/1 mkt). 3 wins last season Newton Abbot. LTO 134 3rd Newbury.

Comment: I have to agree with the ATR verdict.

ATR form verdict in comparison.
STORMY FLIGHT finished second behind Bear Ghylls earlier in the year and has looked well handicapped for a while on that form. The seven-year-old was in danger of becoming disappointing prior to scoring at Uttoxeter last month and could have more to offer despite a 4lb rise. Fantastic Lady took three attempts to get off the mark over hurdles but duly obliged at Doncaster in March and good ground seems imperative to her, while Black Mischief is talented but needs a market check following 735 days off.
Watch out for: FANTASTIC LADY (9)
Jackform Jackform if your subconscious is telling you something is wrong I'd heed it as it has by far the more brainpower available to it. I'm sure you'll be backing winners soon

Good luck and stay well


Ludlow (going forecast GS with some G watered showers) RP Spotlight selects Glory And Fortune( 3 pundits agree 8 oppose)
3.20 Market expected 09.15* no's 1, 3, 4 indicating a win restricted to these. Theoretical strong fav 6/4, possible contender 3/1, not expected longer tyhan 6/1.

1. 12 = 7/2 Fineform (2/1 mkt) Glory And Fortune 4 tips (D). LTO 21 - 5th, needs to bounce?
2. 2 = 28/1 (33/10
3. 17 = 9/4 (9/4) Take It Easy 3 tips (C&D). LTO 45 won C&D has to be considered.
4. 10 = 9/2 (11/2) Percy's Word 2 tips (BF). LTO 148 2nd at Doncaster. Now on a fair mark.
5. 7 = 7/1 (15/2)
6. 4 = 13/1 (7/1)
8. 3 = 18/1 (11/1)

Comment: Take It Easy before Glory And Fortune for me

ATR form verdict in comparison.
TAKEIT EASY went up 3lb for his C&D success in March and Pam Sly's gelding appears capable of further improvement on his eighth start over timber. Calum Gilhooley warrants respect dropping back in trip as he makes his third appearance in handicap company, while a drop in grade from the Scottish Champion Hurdle will likely benefit Glory And Fortune, who finished second the time before at Stratford.
Top Tip: TAKEIT EASY (3)
Watch out for: CALUM GILHOOLEY (5)


Fineform then Fineform Master were information given to you so you could put your own selections down having started from a point where most winners are found. It was never a system it was more of a way to reduce the runners to be looked at and then for you to make your choice. He says lots of thing in his books to try and point out things you should be looking for or thinking about as you look at a race like not betting in the first 2yo races of a new flat season because its just a guessing game and how most horses are just pack animals who won't go to the front of the pack so make sure you are at least backing a horse that has proven he can win a race. Then he says try to back those horses that have already proven they can win at a flat track in a certain grade and on a certain type of ground. It's just a helping hand and when he was showing you the winners produced from the bare ratings he was saying that this honey pot is full of winners you just need to look. He even tells you that any selection that comes from a stable in top form should be looked at hard. I find a way of reducing a field is to use his master formula and just use the part that says first 3 in the betting, and top 3 on form rating. I use the Daily Mirror and most races you are left with 4 runners out of say 12 or 14 but you would be so surprised just how many times it finds the winner. So you see he has helped be narrow a race down super fast and from that point I can work on those horses left in or if the odds allow I could Dutch. I for one am a fan of the late Clive Holt who did make his living on course himself don't forget.


On what is a low grade racing day the 2.25 Naas stands out as a cracking race good news for Chesham Chesham I've gone against your selection with Bosh coming up in numerous "trusted" HRB systems Sacred Bridge & Smullen also come up & at 50/1 may have a little e/w on the latter best of luck with your selection Chesham Chesham. Glad to see StuartH StuartH back & both SB & B are in his top 3 fingers crossed for a good showing from both