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Win Lay Test

A two day Lay test for afternoon races has produced some nice results. This is setting a max win odds of 3.45. and a fixed Liability of £25.00 Thus if the odds are 3.45 the stake will be £10.20 producing a nett profit of £10.00 if successful. If the odds at the off are less than 3.45 then a larger stake and profit will ensue. Maximum loss if the lay fails will obviously be the set £25.00. These are the results for yesterday and today. I have not included the unmatched selections where I would have applied the 3.45 as a K bet but tomorrow I will list all the complying selections and record all the results whether matched or unmatched. Needless to say these are paper stakes!

Results :

I'm quite happy to tell you the method. I'm an enthusiastic subscriber to Inform Racing Speed ratings and explore all the combinations in an attempt to find backing and laying systems.

I don't wish to upset the Moderators or Ian at Inform Ratings by revealing the method without their say so. I'm going to e-mail Ian now to make sure that he is OK and if one of the Moderators will give permission, then OK. I am not anything to do with Inform Ratings btw. apart from being a subscriber!! I know in the past that on other forums it might be regarded as not the done the thing to mention a Professional Rating company/Tipster etc so I'm just wishing to make sure that all is OK.


Funny you should mention that as I have been going through their tweets And found this

I tried to match it but the ratings are a large part of it and I don't subscribe


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Late on parade this morning so just these five.

I've been in contact with Ian at Inform and his initial thought is that with only two days published results I should test the method a little more, possibly applying some filters etc. Seems an eminently sensible suggestion.! In retrospect I don't think releasing the system at the moment would be sensible if you are not a subscriber to Inform Ratings as it wouldn't make any sense. I have suggested perhaps if this remains profitable it might become part of their system portfolio. BTW just as a check at the moment I ignore NH Flat races, evening races and Irish races as Inform doesn't rate them

Today's results : Firstly the Lays where there were two unmatched, two successful and one not, for a small loss of £2.04 but still a satisfactory paper profit of £130.61 after 4 days :

Results for the day. As suspected 8 of the 9 selections required K bets and only two met the 3.45 in running but all were successful Lays and I'm happy to say the days profit was £35.91 and for the first five days a profit of £166.52 was achieved......if only it keeps going I might have to chuck some real money at it....but not yet:)

Results for the day included a First, only the second in 28 selections so far, three successful and one unmatched for a small profit of £5.90!

Been out all morning until now. Just two, one of which goes now!

2.25 Weth: Some Reign
2.50 Her : Valse Au Taillon
Both Lays were successful. Annoyingly looking back from the 2.25 there would have been 5 other selections, two unmatched and three successful at 3.45K/2.09/3.1! Shouldn't have gone out! Not counted though in the results spreadsheet below: