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What are the best ratings for soccer ?

That would be a nice little program live up to date rating..
I 'm disappointed most sites do not give performance data.
Some are hyping -the unscrupulous ones- but what most of them are saying to us is "we are just trying to help" and this is also what the sports journalists always say.
So I came to the conclusion it has to be done that way, in an effort to create "the world's best ratings".
If it can be done, you are of course welcome to suggest your own formulas and have them tested.
I have the material to make calibrations (not the big OPAP excel file - other), but there is also a catch 22.
There are some big websites out there. Suppose Bruce Millington comes along and says "ok guys, I 'll give you a hand". What next ?
We have the post backing us but everything becomes public domain. The bookies copy and we are back to square one. That's the catch 22.
Yes seen that it's years old
I knew the guy and we were talking to each other over the phone.
But he has vanished.
At around the time the paper was writen, he managed many sites and any football site you visited had a link to him.
I wonder.
He is from Scotland and his logo was a bridge in Scotland, the Tay bridge ?
I had Bill Hunter's prediction program for ms Dos and it was n't bad at all.


..... I knew Bill Hunter too as I spoke to him on the phone a couple of times up in Scotland. ;) Used to have his Yearbook which was full of weekly updated data which I remember you had to download each week to keep up to date. Real good stufff it was too. I believe he retired as I remember getting an e-mail to say he was wrapping everything up some years ago now.



If you scroll to the right ,teams, I have put a drop down box,just select teams its pretty straight forward,the only input you require are the odds I have been using Bet365,enjoy
Looks a nice balance from what I can see excellent 👍 have you had much success with it ?