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Variable stake Dutching.

I've been using variable staking with two Horse Dutches whereby the strongest selection (A) carries the hopes of winning and the second returns zero profit but also the stake should it win. There are two selected races today as you will see with the odds taken at this time and the stake calculated with A, if winning, making a profit

1.35 South : Dark Side Prince A : Arcavello

2.35 South : Drew Breeze A : Straight Ash

My apologies my copy and paste went boobs up so here is another attempt to show them properly .

Please let me know if that works OK. I forgot to mention the all important stake...£10.00 each time. There are no viable Dutches today alas.


Capture 1.PNG


Yes, that works.
Nice idea, and I like the fact that you took on the odds-on favourite in the 2.35
Southwell, however, is probably not the best place to try this!! 😂
Just one at Wolves tonight in the 7.15 assuming that there is no further snow! Odds are those at the moment

Declaring Love A : Melly's Flyer


Declaring Love was 1st so a £9.70 profit. Not a lot but the result had you used the BSP, odds on, would have been a lot less!!
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A couple of good results there savernake savernake, long may it continue.

Are you form reading to get your results please?

I seem to be asking similar questions lately. I think I'm looking for some new ideas as I'm short of them at the moment. It's a funny season but the best pickers are still winning

Good luck tomorrow
Thanks.....as you say long may it continue. I use all sorts to get there and the selections have to tick boxes from ratings that I use, both paid and free and obviously form can come into it but on it's own it's not the main ingredient. The starting point for me is to see whether the top two selections in the ratings agree with each other however they may not necessarily be in the same order. It's then that further examination defines which is to be the A selection. Ideally one should sit at the screen at the off and use those odds but in my case as I'm a full time carer for my other half I can't always do that hence I quote the odds at the time of posting.

Instinct also plays a part in choosing the A selection and it's annoying sometimes that having convinced yourself that A will be the winner the second selection grabs the prize.......three times in a row that happened when I was testing! The return must also be above the stake value as well so no low odds selections.

Good luck in your search for ideas particularly as this time of the year is never easy.


I had an idea! I find as I get older I find I'm tending to recycle ideas in new ways.

Can I suggest

Wolverhampton 5.30
1st watersmeet
2nd who dares wins
3rd lucky deal

My ideas lately have been poor so I expect these 3 to occupy the last 3 places.

Good luck tomorrow


All the best testing it savernake savernake. Can I ask why you only focus on the one saver? Presumably there will be some races where you might narrow the field down to 3/4 rather than 2? You could still split the units accordingly so that one carries the bigger reward and the others return your stake.
Hedgehog follow your instincts and either paper test your selections or Dutch them. It's not a race that would meet my selection criteria. Newcomer it's just the way I bet....I am aware that depending on the odds 3 or more selections can carry variable stakes but it's not my way.

Just this one today at Warwick in the 4.30 :

Mr Washington A : Ballymillsy