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With the above, it's showing that only one bookie was out of line with River Wharfe at 9/1........so perhaps a 'pinch of salt' with that one.
Bear in mind the market move is an Average over ( usually ) 18 bookmakers.


With the above, it's showing that only one bookie was out of line with River Wharfe at 9/1........so perhaps a 'pinch of salt' with that one.
2 winners from 4 bets ( excluding River Wharfe ).......Evens & 5/4 = +0.25 pts to SP ( +0.54 bfsp after comm. 2% )
In-running prices 2.6 & 21

All five bets placed........... 0.61 + 0.25 + 0.44 + 0.85 + 0.34 = +2.44 pts bfsp after comm. 2%


Re Odds Checker something to ponder : The Pie charts for each race are based on number of bets so when you note a sea of blue for a horse which is not showing in the Pie this is suggesting fewer but larger wagers which some might view as a positive. ? Several years ago tongue in cheek i did contact them suggesting that the Pie charts should be based on weight of money not quantity of bets and perhaps unsurprisingly this was not well received.

While i would not use as part of the selection process it is interesting to note what appears to be occurring in the markets, although lets not forget that the site is now owned by Bookmakers and dare i suggest lends its self to conveying disinformation. :eek:
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Yes, it's all a bit of fun really.
As Rodeneal Rodeneal said it's a way for a newcomer to become acquainted with placing bets in differing markets and bookies.
The odds have moved on these horses and it would be wise to learn to be on them before the move.

Oddschecker can only track the number of bets that are placed through their site and their links ( for the Pie charts ), and so to that effect, it may be prudent for any newcomer not to do so in and go directly to the bookmaker's site.
Clear all cookies and possible tracking links as a successful winning account/s will soon be shared amongst all the other bookmakers and your days are numbered. Sour grapes? Absolutely!!
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ffs never bet through oddschecker and have iesnare blocked etc

when playing about with top 5s I don't hit the market until near the off because often apart from the top couple the market doesn't firm up until then
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