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Thought i would put this in this part of the forum as it is a review of sorts.

Ok anyone ever heard of footballindex ?? or footballindex.co.uk

Its been around for a while now and seen it when it first come to the market basically its buying and selling players BUT you also get dividends on how well players play and how much they are media.

Good explanation and review here >> Football Index Review: Trading Footballers For A Profit

Now i was a party a few weeks ago and speaking to a mate i have known for years and he has been playing this for a 4 months now and cannot believe how easy it is to make small gains frequently now what i plan to do is post my 6 months here on the index which i will do in the coming months.

If you use the index please feel free to join in ??? see if we can make a few bob?


I was just wondering what had happened on a Moday to influence the markets, I suppose there were a few Euro qualifiers being played.


..... Quite an interesting thread you have here fs, certainly is a different way of looking at football and the players involved. Over what period of time does your thread intend to be involved? What I really mean is, does the buying and selling continue all the time with these named players, or do they indeed change through time and become a quite different set? :doh:


Delboy99 Delboy99

Thanks I plan to follow it's through with all my buys and sells as soon as I open an account with them.

It an interesting way of trying to make a few Bob so I will use this thread to show you can either make money or lose or people join in with there portfolios ??


Ok 7 days in and some very nice returns time to play for real now all i have to do is scout more players for the real portfolio as i could have missed the boat on some here.