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  1. O

    Value betting is profitable, prove me wrong

    Hi guys, I'll start the thread off with telling one way to be able to find value betting. Odd drops. In any market there are delays. In the sports betting market, in the stock market, everywhere. We punters can make use of these delays by choosing one bookmaker as sharp bookie. Personally I take...
  2. S

    Difference between bets.

    Hi guys, I went to see if anyone can explain the difference between a single lap bet and a single stakes about bet? If you could supply working examples it would be much appreciated. Thanks Stu
  3. Ladyambientte

    Offline betting in Italy

    Hi, I have heard that in Italy it is possible to bet in stone bookmakers without the need for identification. I want to ask, is that true? Alternatively, under what conditions and at which bookmakers it is possible to bet in this way? I come from the Czech Republic and I am going to Italy in a...
  4. TonyF07

    Questionnaire On Betting Sponsorships

    I'm doing something on football betting sponsorships for my research project. If anyone could fill it out that would be appreciated. You can find the questionnaire below: https://t.co/fhY69gyxnV?amp=1
  5. theshield09

    Backtesting System

    Hello! Some time ago I had fun with a method that was based on betting against fit teams ... It was the result of simple intuition, I had no statistical data ... even for this it remained only a pastime. if I had the chance to try this method on a historical database I would have gotten some...
  6. S

    Survey on Data Visualization in Sports Betting

    Hello, I am doing research on the use of Data Visualization in Sports Betting. I have come up with an interactive system that contains information needed to bet in football. I have created a fun and interactive survey to test this system by placing a series of bets and measuring the success...
  7. O

    tax on betting

    Is there any tax applies customer winnings? And Who actually pay the tax? Individual or brokers/Gambling sites
  8. AHbettingPT

    AHbettingPT PICKS

    Hello Guys, I´m professional bettor for 12 years, with extensive experience in the analysis of the Portuguese leagues of soccer, and other sports. I will post on this topic as my bets.Good luck to everyone.
  9. S

    How do void selections compute in multiple bets?

    For instance a Heinz has 57 bets with 15 4-way bets. If I bet a £1 stake (total £57) and there are 3 winning selections with decimal odds of 1.8, 1.5 and 2.1, plus 1 void selection then how would the return be calculated? There are online bet calculators that do it for you but they don't go into...
  10. S

    Volume Betting, odds dropping

    Hello I want to tell you about my system. Im placing bets on markets where Total Amount matched more than 10 000 usd, and odd > 1.3 and <3. And the main thing is that total amount on market must bet not lower that 86% of total amount on the event. Example: Team A - Team B - On Match Odds total...
  11. Rhinoz

    Betting Odds in Fractions and Decimals

    Maybe useful for quick reference. Fraction -- Decimal 1/5 -- 1.20 2/9 -- 1.22 1/4 -- 1.25 2/7 -- 1.29 3/10 -- 1.30 1/3 -- 1.33 4/11 -- 1.36 2/5 -- 1.40 4/9 -- 1.45 1/2 -- 1.50 8/15 -- 1.53 4/7 -- 1.57 8/13 -- 1.62 4/6 -- 1.66 8/11 -- 1.72 4/5...