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which is the best on line Poisson distribution calculator?


no one cares what you think
just stop spamming my threads
I knew that I had read articles on what you are looking for, including where to get a Free Tool and how to use it. I just could not remember where it was in my library . Came to me this morning


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Haha, I knew there was another reason I missed this forum apart from the horses. It’s almost like you boys can smell weakness......and Chesham spamming threads ? :rofl:. Is that your new thing @Chesham while I’ve been away?


@Ferdy your my favourite Troll as you come from under your stone now and again just to have a pop at me. Shame that you always come out of it second best LOL

Is this what you call helping him. When he asked you why something was fishy, you did not even reply.

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Looks like @Ferdy is speechless after post 27, typical, takes a pop at me with “Would it not have been better to help someone who was obviously struggling with his English?”

gets it totally wrong when his own response to Long Run is exposed by me, talk about being an hypocrite LOL, then disappears back under his stone. I await your next pop at me 🤣