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Walters Jukebox


Ascot 3.35 Irish Saint 6.50 e/w
Relatively lightly raced chaser, has an e/w chance if getting round without any mishaps.
Feel the front of the market is covered if he runs his race, not so sure about those further out like On Tour who is respected, good luck.
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Cher is demonstrating just now in DC, the same Cher who said she would move to a different Planet if DJT won the election.
Tell you what Cher, take yourself & all your Hollywood elites & just piss off somewhere else, go to the middle east for instance, see if the jihads will buy your pish.
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Grab a grand selections


Rich Again 1st - we were all on 4/1 not sure wher the 7/2 came from?
Win 7/2
2nd 6/1
EW 7/2

Star of Spring stopped
Win 15/8

Our Manekineko 4th
Win 11/4

Cool Strutter Never even close there beforehand or during the race - total misread.
Win 4/1

Palavicini Run
Win 11/4
This one has drifted out to 7/1 pre - race 5/1 looked good as well.
Really tight handicap.
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Happened to switch on to the BBC last night around Question Time.
Diane Abbot was tearing into DJT along with others, venomous attacks, just switched the propaganda off.
Named ma boy after this guy
If Our Manekineko does not go close in the next at Dundalk then the alarm bells should ring also.
Comes down to experience with these things, punters get to know when horses should be at the business end of proceedings.
Cant argue with the run, cept he was out of his ground early, ran on well enough.
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Loon River @ 4.50
Here`s a better version
Had a British ballroom champion in my house yesterday
That was superb btw.
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Watch this all the way through, this is our culture.
Love these guys
To think my old man fought with others in the RAF during the 2nd WW, served most of his time teaching recruits whilst seconded to the Indian Air Force during the Burma campaign.
At wars end he found himself adjutant to the Air Commodore at Biggin Hill.
Was an NCO at the time & promised a commission if he stayed on, something he never did.
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Kempton 8.15 Dutiful Son win / load place 5/1
Probably my bet of the day.
Tailed off, beginning to wonder what`s going on?
No had a winner for ages.
Could be landing on a load of non - triers lol.
Kempton 8.45 Tyrsal 8/1 win
Probably my bet of the day.
Nowhere, cant believe what`s happening, really fancied these horses.
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