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VRR Lite Puntology

Worked out well yesterday. Even a blind squirrel finds a nut once in a while.


A couple of ok type races today. One that could work out is Finawn Bawn, stands up well with a little uncertainty about the next ranked Duc De Grissay in this class. Dragonfruit just creeps onto the lay list.

Ayr 3.23

Ayr 3.23.png

Lay List (to qualify, odds =<11.00 near the off)

Got my ass handed to on a plate yesterday. In highlighted race, main selection, although backed from 3/1 to 9/4, lost. Just about got the Lay right. The Lay list lost about 16pts as Ask Blossomfort won at the high end of the maria odds range, 11.00. The other 2 were beaten as expected.

One race to highlight today.

Hexham 3.35

Golan Cloud has a strong rating and is in the market as the fav @2/1. The value indicator (with a 1.50 multipier) should be around 5/2. Its the only selection that has evidence of performing well in the class. The only other one, so far, that has value in the race, is Shoeshine Boy. There are no Lay types in the Lay range at current odds.


Lay List - (Max lay odds 11.00)

The winner of the yesterdays highlighted race came out of left field. Another example of the inconsistencies of a Class 5 type race. The Top-Rated did come into value range finishing 3rd. The 20/80 (W.Pl) staking would have worked out ok on that selection. The Lay list picked up a +2pts, the other 2 also lost, although the odds were too high.

Todays fare, another Class 5, is shown more to demonstrate the interpretation more than a stand out opportunity. The Value indicator, based on the rating achieved, suggests 2/1 M.A.P for Taqwaa, trading at 7/1. The next on the list has some doubt for consistency in the class. Matewan, creeps into the Lay List for the same reason, where as Presuming looks weak, but is better in this class.

MRas 2.55.png

Lay List

Must steer clear of those pesky Class 5 races...Lay list yielded +5pts.

Had a review of all the races I've assessed so far (loads of others not posted) I Need to focus on Class 1 to Class 4 Handicaps/Non-Handicaps more.

The one today:

Leoncavallo has a strong bias on its' profile and represents some value. The ole 20/80 (Win/Place) could yield a profit. The early fav, looks weaker but should compete in the Class ok, so not quite a Lay. The Lay looks to be Method Madness, maybe 11.00 or less nearer the off time could be offered.

Ascot 2.40.png

Lay List - Not many opportunities today.

Lay List.png
Good race to watch. 20/80 landed and the Lay List picked up +2pts.

I revisited one of the old spreadsheets and reviewed some of the key races today. I also used some of the ratings off the previously mentioned website; BackThatHorse. Back That Horse created and maintained by pawras pawras (great resource) (y)

Also, created the base ratings in the same say the Inform Racing - Betting Tissue Tool does.
Betting Tissue Tool 1 - Inform Racing


The above race, Ascot 2.40, has a different complexion, with those above the line, and in the right class, to consider as value backs, and below the line, not in the right class, as poor value Lay options. (if 11.00 or less).

So in this example, 7.3 and 2 above the line with a value index above 1.00, can be shortlisted. Below the line 4 and 9, short-listed for Lays.

Ascot 2.40.png


Ascot 2.05 example, shows only no.5 (above the line) as value in the right class. No.7 although top-rated and seemingly value, may not do so in this class. Below the line, 4,8&6 are poor value in not in this class. No 8 falls into the price range of less than 11.00.

Ascot 2.05.png


Chepstow 3.25 example has 1,3&4 as value above the line and in the right class, No.5 looks value, but not in the right class. Below the line, 2,11 &12 are short-listed as poor value Lays, none in the right price range,

Chep 3.25.png


I was surprised to see how well the data held up. Only time will tell as we move forward.