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VDW VDW Tipping Thread

All the best with your bet at Ludlow, not involved myself in this race now. I did have Patient Dream as a Fineform Qualifier, but is now a e
non runner as PD was injured in his box. r

There is a positive with the horse having its 2nd run in a Handicap Hurdle and fancied in the market.
In recent years the trainer has done well

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I have decided to put my Picks here as it is VDW Orientated. As you can see from the ratings the 2 that stand out and are my picks for the day
1540 Nott Belhaven class 112 Lto race 80 this race 108 so basically it is top in the 3 ratings
1910 Wolv Dembe Class 112 Lto race 340 and this race 51 also top in all 3 ratings .


  • Kars Vdw picks.pdf
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