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UKBF Common Race


One im putting out there today at a huge price of 33-1 For anyone who likes to play the place market.
Billy Roberts 6.30 Wolves.
Not in great form but has a positive record at Wolves, finishing 2nd, 3rd and 4th in 3 out of 4 runs there. Is now at it lowest mark. The stable are in great form . First time tongue strap,
It wouldnt be the first time the horse popped up at a big price after a series of poor runs looking at its profile.
I think with only 9 runners a top 4 place bet looks worth a punt if can get price of 4.0


My systems gave the winner of the the 5.30 and the first and second in the last race i could not believe it, and no i did not back them still following at present, this was a freak result meeting really i think abit like 100/1 winner now and then in a blue moon.


When racing resumed we promised 12 runner races with extra races per card to catch up lost ground -I know a lot of punters were unhappy about the proposal's - In an effort to understand my perception that the number of viable races for making a return on punting have not been around this last 4 months - thought it must be the number of younger horses being readied for disposal -




all dont like races where seemingly the "best horse" wins , prefer best team really

Redrosezzo the OR has him joint best but there for me there is a gap between what has been done and what might be done - Tomily I have as being far better than his OR - I would generally ignore my own OR rating and consider the OR as the one to use - going to against that tomorrow . all should get the course and going the draw is not significant so the best team should win - Top 2 as usual - this a 6F race in reality

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Veteran's race so we start from knowing these horses are in and out of form while regressing, it follows therefore that this race is a nightmare to be betting on anything. Trying to find reasons to make any kind of informed decision leads me to come to choose a few tests including......track, ground and time of year so i've ended up with RED PIKE.



Any horse with that line in its form has to be worth consideration. But in all seriousness this race has gone to a horse who made all for the two years it has been run and from stall 2 The Armed Man could quickly get on the front end and travel like its formline. Chris Fairhurst's horses are thriving at the minute.


PADDY POWER for me. Won't bore you with my HRB pastes.

Jockey, Megan Nicholls, only has this one ride today and I would expect her to be giving it her all.
Got the best from Paddy Power 17 days ago at Pontefract in a while, and hopefully can go one better than the short head second he was beaten there.

Danger horse going by my stats : Economic Crisis
11yo Mare who just keeps keeping on. The 6f distance is questionable ( usually races 5f ), but Faye McManoman 5lb claim may aid her cause.