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UKBF Common Race


The other thing about Lundie is his agent also discarded him and his new agent is his mate. As his mate had no experience of racing the BHA refused him a licence but gave him advice to get a job in a racing yard and apply again. He now holds his agents licence and as Lundie is attached to Mark Loughnane it looks like he has Christine Dunnett is on speed dial as she is the only outside stable to give Kevin a leg up. Good luck to the lad but he has an awful lot of bridges to mend.
Cheers for this some interesting background info as i am currently looking at Kraka, kemp - Sun and he has been riding the animal.


20.30 Cheltenham 10F 4 4yr olds + a couple of none winners thrown in so not one really for me - I was looking last night at the earlier race but with 4 runners it seemed not likely to interest most
age 4 - 6 best - a horse and trainer race with jockey not exactly sidelined and draw not really relevant - my top rated rated( Trainer runs 2) won from I/V .44 at this C& D a race not of this caliber but it can done -

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Fair Power's record over 9.5f-10f when carrying between 9-7 to 9-10 reads 5-8. His last race can be forgiven as was in stall 1 over 10f at Lingfieldf which is a bit of a coffin box. At Chelmsford under the criteria his record reads 211.

Keep an eye on Kilbaha Lady who was fifth in this last year. She run in four races on the synthetics in 2019 before winning at Redcar in April. Looks like the same plan is being unfolded.


  • 5:10
  • BOMBARDIER BRITISH HOPPED AMBER BEER HANDICAP (Class 6) (4yo+ 0-60) Winner £2,782 6 runners 1m13y Standard SKY (STALLS Inside)
  • RACE CONDITIONS £6,093 guaranteed For 4yo+ Rated 46-60 (also open to such horses rated 61 and 62; such horses rated 45 and below are also eligible - see Standard Conditions) Weights highest weight 9st 7lb Minimum weights: 8-7; Penalties after February 1st, each race won, 4-6yo 5lb; 7yo+ 4lb Chiavari's Handicap Mark 61 Entries 16 pay £21 Penalty value 1st £2,781.67 2nd £827.75 3rd £413.66 4th £400.00 5th £400.00 6th £400.00
Age not a great predictor in this – stats mainly about the Horse and Jockey


Age not a great predictor in this – stats mainly about the Horse and Jockey



Dont think any one had ??? View attachment 81844
Sorry markfinn markfinn and everyone... Shouldn't really be posting this now, but got busy late morning / early afternoon and forgot to post.
Just letting you know I've still got it !! :D

8.30 Chelmsford.png
8.30 Chelmsford a.png

Mukha was to be a play on the price taken last night but decided to leave it.
Temujin was in response to another system selection.
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5.10..............I found the form a little too messy so then looked at a few times over c/d and came up with Three Cs but little science involved.


I hope i did not complicate or confuse matters when posting recently that anyone can choose the days common race, because the thinking behind the thread is that only one race is picked which everyone can focus on and this can or should be first come first served.? markfinn markfinn please correct if i am wrong.

We have another OS thread "daily racing insight" were any and all races can be posted about.


Which leaves the door open for myself to claim Bayston Hill as clearly the theoretical 16/1 winner and i shall be putting my case for retrospective payment to customer care. If i get the wording correct we have cracked it. :)
The bookmakers maybe paid to have him taken out because of big price they put him up at first.


The bookmakers maybe paid to have him taken out because of big price they put him up at first.
They are more likely to "take out" the punters who secured those prices. :eek: Sometimes when i see a self cert under simular circumstances i do wonder if its connections sulking because others have nicked there market but in this instance it was a vet cert - lame.


MM - Sorry to disappoint but its 1st past the winners post and not the 1st horse box to exit onto the A131

Looked further at this Southwell race

Double Reflection – Jockey has a 2nd place with the horse – OR OK – Dropped in class - Course been tried here once in public finished 6/8 wasn’t backed that day ridden by todays jockey quite spectacular fall from OR 82 down to 60 – 0/8 with local trainer M Appleby – dropped in distance and 10 days longer than her average DSLR, so should be fresh and raring to go at the end – but 10lb extra in Saddle & save's her best when with others of same sex ?

Three Cs due a rise in Hcp so quick returner hoping to beat the BHA. Ben Curtis has a 2nd place connection with the horse – dropped in Distance just in class gets a bit of relief in the saddle weight and they could have easily have doubled the saddle weight relief by having acclaimer up ? they must believe it can improve enough to beat some of these. But he reached 52 twice before and failed to go over the line – reached his top ?

Chavari little to go on and Sire stats not much help 1st run since wind op – is it case of getting the test out the way and seeing if it has worked , if so doubt they will be exerting to much on the horse today.

Crazy Spin
worst drawn of the bunch - Top jockey up – Trainer gets best from this horse 3 times CD winner plus twice 2nd at CD – this is writing itself now – although raised in OR and Class receives a reprieve in the saddle of 11lbsand just has to be considered – clearly progressive

Equidae – Jockey know the horse trainer knows him better and has the Tongue Tie in place for this one – 7lb well in OR -massive drop in class – SW OK – CD has won here in an amateur HCP, went un backed that day - the base of his average OR and Class numbers may be flattering him as they were poor races.

– Jockey and trainer know the horse well – looks as though age might be catching up on him – 63 races on the clock – over 10 a year – loves it here 5 wins and 7 2nds CD all ok – down 21 OR and 21 in class SW OK -

Only Leaves Crazy Spin who is never backed with confidence drawn bellow 1 when measured on draw impact value - but only hand full of opponents to over come so cannot to see many traffic problems - the jockey knows the best way to avoid problems - 1st race of the day the so going should be prime. Hoping the negatives push the price out a little bit either way Crazy for me.
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