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Twenty's Plenty........

crap today a well backed 2nd

out 2
wins 0
rtns 0
p/l -2

thread +14


3.50 prophecy 13/2 & the firm 9/2
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Thanks for the thread and of course the method Franktheform Franktheform.
it won't be everyone's cuppa of course,there's no database mining required,and it won't be too easy to automate as there is some individual/personal judgement/interpretation involved.
I have quoted this before,elsewhere on the forum,but again,anyone who misses this approach,even though they'll have to put some work in,is missing a brilliant method...

•“During their lifetimes, every man and woman will stumble across a great opportunity. Sadly, most of them will simply pick themselves up, dust themselves down and carry on as if nothing ever happened.”
― Winston Churchill

Righty Ho,all very well,but this is seasonal,so may I suggest another income stream for you Frank,an eBook that would sell all year round.
It could be part fact,part fiction,so maybe the Author could be 'The Commander' ,which has a tad more of an air of authority about it than Frank,and for a little intrigue,you could mention you know the Duke of Cambridge,the Prince of Wales,and have even been in the Queen's Arms,Cruising may not be your thing,more like Dogging,so why not send a postcard from each of the dog tracks you've been to...
The book could be in an innovative 'forum' format,and although genuine to the untrained eye,you could be in charge of the whole thing,characters could be created like 'Clueless Clive',the eager newbie, 'Perry Stolesys',the shit stirring idea stealer,'Hugh Ryenall',the constant piss-taker,but hey ho,you are in charge of the comments,and can manipulate them to your own advantage,the examples you give will be factual,and you can't argue with the truth...
Ok,you can give some of the criteria outright,but,rather than a complete list,the examples you give,which can be taken from your own true work,can illustrate the finer points,it will be up to the reader to put some work in,obviously all the examples you give,unlike reality, will end up as winning races,but this is a learning process,there is little or no point giving examples that don't win...
You never know,you may become a cult figure...:dance2: :drinks:
I might change my name to frankdw :confused:

the cryingwelshman

2 bets today
5.10 Notts poyle Vinnie I took 9/2 and sleepy blue ocean 9/1


:drinks: @franktheform,btw,if you haven't a working title for the book,here's some suggestions,Vin de Pays the Way...On The Right Track...The Commander Spiels It Out...:dance2:
I think a break from forum life is on the menu I have so much doing anyway with moving living with in laws I think my emotions and frustrations will spill and I dont want rock the boat for all make make myself look like a proper knob ed

this is the best forum bar non and well done ArkRoyal ArkRoyal dave58 dave58 and Bobajobber Bobajobber I wish you all the very best with it! and I will hopefully return when things settle down for me

And who knows you may see my best seller the commander bails out ;) :drinks:


Hi Paul - I can understand where you're coming from - having moved a couple of years ago I know how stressful it is. That and living with your in-laws can't be an ideal situation, no matter how well you get on with them, and with young Ollie as well you've got plenty on your plate.
Have a breather mate and come back when you're ready - we won't be going anywhere !
Would be nice if you could make it for a forum day out though (once we get a date sorted)

Best of luck from Carol and myself

Cheers Dave,

I hope you and the good lady are well ?

I will and would do anything for you both name the place name the time I will always be there.

found out today rhian is having another boy look out!

of all the mods people I have met on any forum I have the upmost respect for you have done it x

take care mate stay in touch and who would have thought that cold night at Kempton we would have found both trpoics and Belgian bill ?



Hi mate - brilliant news, wish Rhian all the best from us :happy-wavemulticolor:

We're fine thanks, Carol's getting better all the time and we still follow Tropics !

Look after yourself