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top ten favourite films


I think you've got things a bit mixed up somewhere cos Mustang is Ford and Firebirds are GM.
I had it suped up which it meant wheel spin in every gear in the wet lol.
Your right it was a Pontiac Firebird, it was 50yrs ago so that's my excuse. :)


The flashiest car I ever had was a 12 year old bright yellow ford capri :) :)
I was just a young lad in my late 20s at the time so I was certainly a legend in my own mind in that I can tell you :handgestures-thumbup:
My interest in gambling was only very superficial then, ass and cars was all I was really interested in. :cool:
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kenny jones

Don't really do films, but The Wall was interesting, and I think Peter Sellers was brilliant in Being There.
Carol won't let me watch Titanic because she reckons it'll make me cry, so I guess that gets her vote.
Agreed!!! Peter Sellers in Being There rates as one of the most incredible acting performances I have ever seen.The guy was a genius.The pink Panther series was really something else,stupidity and incompetence delivered with pinpoint accuracy..superb!!!