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Wolverhampton (AW)1:40LUCKY LODGE - 1Bsp
Ascot1:55KONCHEK - 1Bsp
Wolverhampton (AW)3:25PUCHITA - 1Bsp


2:15GoodwoodSOUND OF CANNONS 1pt Bsp
6:00ThirskQUEEN'S SARGENT 1pt Bsp
6:15GalwayPILBARA 1pt Bsp
6:30ThirskGARDEN OASIS 1pt Bsp



In order to try and help some discussion getting started would you like to tell us a bit about why or how you are selecting these horses?



I have given reasoning in two threads here since joining the forum on my thoughts to date..

Yesterdays winner was a class three event just look up that trainer in those events.

Today Cox & Kirby look up the family connections when teaming together in class 1,2, or 3 events.

Trainers are creatures of habit many have wrote this on the forum and by finding value in any giving race I tend to back them two among others.


Found the post now just.


To finish up today then.

Ascot 1:50 sees Cobh out in a listed race with stiff competition, that said this colt has sound pedigree and is down to run at Dony in a group 2 in September.

Looking deeper into the historical values of Cox & Kirby they team up rather nicely in class 1 to 3 events.

The narrow win at haydock gives us very little to go on and the task here is much harder, that said they must hold this 2yo in good regard and targeting him for a 300k race in Dony leads me to think there is plenty more to be shown. The Market price may well put a few off as may the fact the owners are just 5/30 with 2yo on turf over the last 5 years.

Looking at all the runners the 3 heading the market have the deserved claims but looking into their further entries they may well be looking at group races, yet nothing is listed to run in a purse above 100k.

Gosden we all know has no problems paying for late entries and keeps his cards very closed.

2yo events are not my forte but Cox and Kirby I do follow


I can't open that up but i've bothered to watch the race again and the horse was a little unlucky.
It might be that you feel a little victomised in being asked to provide some reasoning behind the selections, this is more to encourage interaction and chatter, nothing wrong with that .
All forums have the same problem in that most become members to have a nosey around, then there are those that might post once in a while, many will take the time to post well done or press the like button all day, this forum is predominantly about systems and stats etc...

Already you have shown an understanding of racing and well worth a read so don't take offence at what's been said just stick a bit of reasoning behind your selections and you will be doing more than most.

re- Handicap debutantes................was an attempt to see if others might take part, you could have put SOUNDS OF CANNON up, it's not about tipping but more about encouraging debate, what's a forum without debate ?


Thanks Tacker

Being new here I do understsnd, the forum looks a good platfrom the amount of threads to read or take in is amazing.

Thoughs or opinions posted here leads one to more opinions when summing up a race, interaction is needed Yes I agree.

My spare time falls mainly on Saturday should there be a runner that takes My eye keenly ill do an appraisal.



Khaloosy 2:15 Goodwood 1pt BSP

A small filed group 3 for 3yo, looking hard into the field only 3 of the 4 have run in group company, heading the market is the Varian with the Dubawi colt.

Interesting with 2 sired from Dubawi 2 from no say never then, we have the Ryan horse sired by inadvisable spirit has group form. Giving RAPARTEE has yet to run Right handed it draws me to the fav.

TILSIT another unproved Right handed or in group company.

My Oberon unproven Right handed won left handed no group company.

Mystery Power here we have a hannon horse campaigned as a 2yo in group then again as a 3yo his last race was a listed contest, today he runs in what looks like a winning race, should go close. The down side for me is his speed rating over the fav.

Khalgoosy had such a turn of foot on his last outing he warrants the price (my View of course) , hence why ill back him today



All 1pt BSP win
Galway4:15MAGIC CHEGAGAThrown in here for debut and gets the draw
Galway5:15PRINCESS ZOEIn form horse and should win again today
Galway5:45AASLEAGH FAWNLooked not right on last run hoping it bounces back today


1Pt Bsp on all

Newcastle (AW)12:50THE GAME OF LIFE
Leicester2:40KNOW NO LIMITS
Newcastle (AW)4:00MIDRARR
Leicester4:10MRS BOUQUET


Roscommon2:50THE GREAT WHITE
Haydock5:15NATTY NIGHT
Windsor6:15WILD EDRIC


Lingfield (AW)4:05MYBOYMAX
Lingfield (AW)4:40ROCKY DREAMS
Lingfield (AW)5:10AFRO BLUE
Lingfield (AW)5:45GALLARDISE
Lingfield (AW)5:45CLASSIC LORD
Lingfield (AW)8:15LADY MORPHEUS
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