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Tipping Competition Table - March


So now we arrive back at the 'where do we go from here' stage.

There are a few race meetings around the world and a few football matches in remote places so in theory we could carry on!

However the competition was intended to allow everyone to enter using their favourite sport and betting method to give a fair chance to all interests. Clearly that is no longer possible so in fairness I think we should end the month now.

So...My suggestion is that we declare JamesSmith the winner(top on profit and POI%) look after ourselves and our families and return to the competition when the world is a safer place.

I await your thoughts...


As always thanks to Samacas Samacas and dave58 dave58 who make this competition friendly and fun and to everyone who takes part. A somewhat hollow victory as I am sure someone would have pipped me to the post had racing continued. I have asked dave58 dave58 to kindly donate any winnings towards the running costs of this great site. Please stay safe everyone I hope racing can continue sooner rather than later.