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Tipping Comp Selections for Friday 13th September


2.10 Doncaster Angels Hideaway 2pts win 8/1 Ladbroks BOG
3.10 Doncaster Stradivarius 2pts win 4/11 Gen BOG
3.20 Sandown Miss Yoda 2pts win Evens WillHill BOG
6.40 Salisbury Weekender 2pts win 13/8 Gen BOG

Thanks James


Chester 5-15 Intense Style .5 pts ew

Doncaster 5-30 Intasaab .5 pts ew

Sundown 3-55 Casanova 2 points win

4 points staked
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Friday the 13th....:crazy:

All forecasts at 1pt with Bet 365 BOG

SF : 2.25 Chest : 1st Know No Limits : 2nd Power Train : 1pt = 9.58 pts return
Tricast : 3.20 Sand : 1st Miss Yoda : 2nd Global Storm : 3rd Impatient : 1pt = 6.81 pts return
SF : 3.55 Sand : 1st Pinnata : 2nd Alfred Boucher : 1pt = 19.68 pts return
SF : 4.40 Chest : 1st Hereby : 2nd Gossip Column : 1pt = 4.76 pts return
SF : 4.55 Donc : 1st Maori Knight : 2nd Arabian moon : 1pt = 12.63 pts return

Loss of 5pts
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