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The SatPat Details



What is a SatPat:-
Answer:- A Saturday Patent.
Each Saturday,for a series of 10 weeks,you have 70 quid to place a 10 win or 5 e/w patent bet.

If I don't join in,can I have the money instead?
Answer:- No,it's fantasy money ,no joining fee,no prizes,just for fun,..

Why on a Saturday,and why not a larger multiple,a Yankee etc.
Answer:- Results and prices on a Saturday can be more erratic than normal,helping pinstickers like me,also there are races availanle on CH4/BBC.
A Patent is manageable,yet can still provide a good return,if you've done your dosh for 9 weeks,a 10 win Patent with a 5/4 banker and 2x 3/1 shots going in returns 802.50,a profit of 732.50 and a profit on the series of 102.50.

Can I mix and match dogs/horses/football etc;in the Patent.
Answer:- No,just horses.

Can I use races elsewhere apart from the UK and Ireland.
Answer:- No.

Can I use Bogs,BFSP etc.
Answer:- No,to create some sort of level playing field,all returns are calculated using ISP and if an e/w,to standard bookie place terms,no special offers.

Who keeps track of the totals.
Answer:- You do,each person keeps their own P/L,whether you join in every week or when you can.

Can I use a selection that has already been picked.
Answer:- Yes.

Do I include my stake money when calculating my P/L.
Answer:- No,only any profit on the bet,eg;a return of 50 would mean a deficit of 20,a 100 return,a profit of 30

1-4 runners: win only.
5-7 runners: ¼ odds a place for 1,2.
8+ runners: 1/5 odds a place for 1,2,3.
12-15 runners in handicaps only: ¼ odds a place 1,2,3
16+ runners in handicaps only: ¼ odds a place 1,2,3,4.