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The SatPat 4...


2.30 ascot graphic
2.55 york farraaj
3.50 newmarket aljamaaheer

£10 win patent
As graphic is a non runner, I'll replace it with Mull Of Killough

2.30 ascot mull of killough
2.55 york farraaj
3.50 newmarket aljamaaheer

£10 win patent


Newmarket 3.50:- Undrafted Unp

Newmarket 4.25:- Shagah 2nd 9/4f

Hamilton 8.45:- Woodstock N/R

£5.00 E/W Patent

return £24.50 =-£45.50
P/L -£265.35,total stakes £700.00

Well,what a trip,VWD to TBoy and Tom for getting winners this week,the no fun way they'd have been in front,and thanks to my fav horse,Lucky Drifter,I'd have been 6 points up at levels this series,but it's not about that,more hoping to get 3 on the day like Bb and sharing the good vibes.
Thanks to all who joined in for one week or many,saturday is very busy for most of us I know,my best thoughts to you all,and until the next time...