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The Fat armchair Jockey's weight loss blog

Ive been reflecting for a couple of Days and taking time to get my head together.

I went to See Big Al yesterday and today, he is very poorly and has been for some time, although he never let on to me, Thankfully its not as bad as I was first told although he has pneumonia on top of, bad kidneys, liver, and emphacymia. it was very serious initially but he seems to be responding to treatment.

I took him some racing books around had a tea and took my recent system figures around and had a chat, his wife said he had been asking after me loads and that he is always talking about me (very nice too).

we where looking at the differences in our figures and I seem to have gone off the boil of late and we came up with that he doesn't only back in handicaps.

He asked me why I only backed in handicaps? I couldn't answer? he reckons that I should consider all races he may have told me that before ?

He is taking me back under his wing on the promise that I deliver his racing post short term.

so more lessons to be learned hopefully

Here is my shortlist I will update in the morning what I actually back

2.20 Newmarket warrior (awaiting price) 2/1
3.30 musical comedy 5/2
5.40 forced family fun 5/2

4.15 true pleasure 4/1

3.50 pantoxia 100/30
5.30 foxcub 11/2 & for two 6/1

5.25 powerful pierre 4/1
5.55 buy and sell 15/8
6.25 gilmer 9/4
7.00 medici dancer 3/1
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not good to hear of Al in such a 2n8,but he certainly sounds a fighter and good to hear he's making progress,I'm sure,if you can,you'll mention the mob on here and our best wishes and thoughts,thanks for the update with the 'method' and your continuing selections :drinks:
Thank you both just delivered the post

now Al reckons
Haydock 2.20 Newmarket warrior 2/1
Cheltenham 3.50 pantoxia 3/1
Redcar 4.15 true pleasure 4/1

Are the bets to be had
Me and Al have backed a couple for 50p's today for the craic and done forecasts

2.00 redcar lady captain and mr carbonfootprint
2.10 chelt saint roque and rum and butter
Well better put something new here this is simple but effective

Handicap chasers only (no novice events)
Max of 1 win in last three runs
Sp 16/1 or under
Run within 28 days
Class 4-6 6-8 year olds only
Clas 1-3 6-9 year olds only
Bet there is a few winners there ;) Chuck in some form reading and the world is your lobster


Thanks Frank,looking forward to these,first heard about the system in this book...


and it has been confirmed by ...

that it is Kushti :drinks:
carrigdoun :) 10/1
the fryery 3rd :)
chicago outfit

julie prince
the rockies u/p
grey soldier u/p

tough talkin man u/p
fearless leader u/p
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Refined effort
haventgotascooby 12/1 u/p
The chazer 12/1 u/p
Al alfa 6/4 u/p

3.00 ski sunday 100/30 u/p
4.45 majalala 3/1
3.05 conquisto 13/2 ;) 17/2
3.40 saved by john 9/2 :( 2nd
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