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Just wanted to take a minute to say thank you to the admin, mods and contributors to this forum..

It really is a wealth of knowledge here and my eyes are slowly opening up to more of what's important regarding studying horses, races, and the many different ways you can break them down and rebuild them..

Without this forum I would honestly be stuck because some of these ideas I would have no idea how to incorporate into my study myself without the many contributions of the awesome members here..

I don't have a lot to contribute myself and I'm ok with that because I really don't know much so I don't pretend otherwise but I'm grateful for those of you who do share the knowledge you have..

Thank you everyone and keep up the great work 👏


@MrDamon I echo your above comments and would add that by sharing we can all learn from each other, but without engaging with the sharers then no one will get the best from what has been offered.? My own preference is always to interact with people who are risking there wedge based on there own work and efforts, and in this respect we are fortunent because this forum has plenty. :)

This forum also has the one click "Like" option and i am sure the receivers of same appreciate, but imo the best appreciation comes via those who take the time and trouble to type a response.
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I, too, would like to echo @MrDamon I have never been able to move very far away from my passion of horse racing within my life and this forum is a great place to keep me attached to it.

I am currently attempting to work from home, alone, with my business and I have to say I am 'up against it' at the moment. This means I don't have as much time, as I would like, to engage and interact with fellow forumites but what little I have, has kept me sane....lol

HRB is my hobby, and I'm in what appears to be, my 3rd or 4th evolutionary step in trying to 'keep it simple'. The penny is slowing dropping here, I think, hopefully.

My ambition is to have a steady income from my bets, as a supplement to my business and hopefully, in time, venture into areas such as VDW and being able to take on a race with form study. This forum is, to me, the best place to learn about that, without a doubt....


@retriever Given your above circumstances and objectives then as you say this forum provides some of the solutions. Anyone who works from home treating horse racing seriously or any other business for that matter will know that there can be downsides to the seclusion aspect but i tend to view interacting via this forum as a positive distraction.:)