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Ten point profit per month


Is 10 points profit a month achievable every month without fail?
With thirty odd days per month, this equates to a return of 0.333 points per day ( at 100% strike rate ). Sorry for stating the obvious as I go.

Why do I want this? Well, just for the income. If the systems are solid enough I hope to be betting these initially to £30 stakes and eventually settling on £50 stakes. A monkey pays all my household bills!!

Now my idea is to have 3 or 4 base systems running with each contributing a percentage to the pot. I will share any rules and ideas as I go if that's possible.
I will start each a new bank at the beginning of the month ( 1st ) and will stop once 10 points have been hit for that month. I believe it's important to have a rest and reflect upon the systems. This is, of course, assuming the target has been met in time.


This system is a bit off the cuff to start with, as I only thought of it this morning to get things going here......let's name it A

System A
rules : take the highest prize money race of 8 runners ( the night before ) and starting with the lowest price in the forecast betting work outwards selecting the first Distance winner that has a placing of 1,2,3 for it's last two races. Consider only the 1st four in the betting.
This is then bet to 4 places on the Exchange if such a market exists in the morning, otherwise 3 places if not.
If no selection is found, repeat with the next highest prize money race, and the next, until one is found or there are no more 8 runner races.
If you do this on the day, ignore races that have had non-runner/s........ie. Initially 9, now 8, etc.

As an example......todays selection would have been Bafana Blue in the 2.20 Ayr. Although may have been 'fortunate' in that the favourite Bootlegger and William Of Orange fell at the 1st, he was a fair way clear of the 5th horse and even rallied to go 2nd from 4th in appalling conditions. Incidentally, great to watch the two loose horses jumping along aside each other at one point out in front. Some horses must either love jumping or are 'brainwashed'....lol. I didn't bet it to 4 places so I don't know what the return was....probably around 1.7

Ok, dry run........Tomorrows ( Weds 5th ) bet will be Insinuendo ( 6.00 Gowran Park ) to 4 places ( or 3 if that's not available ).
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5th May.....

System A selection : Horse racing : 4 places betting : Betfair have yet to put up place markets for Gowran Park. I may have to avoid Irish racing going forward for this system.
Bet will be 1pt Insinuendo for 4 places at BFSP.

System B selection : Tennis : Nadal v Carlos Alcaraz ( 14.00 ATP Madrid )
Nadal to win 2-0 Set betting
1pt @ 1.27

“My mindset is always the same,” Nadal said. “Arrive to a tournament, have the right preparation, and try to be ready to compete at the highest level [from] the beginning.”

System C selection : General Football : Chelsea v Real Madrid ( 20.00 Champ. League )
Over 1.5 goals
1pt @ 1.40

Given their history, I feel both teams will score here at double these odds ( 1.9 ), but will play it 'safer' with 2 or more goals. Chelsea may win 2-0 ( hopefully - British and all that!! ) as Real Madrid's recent away form has been a bit lacking.

NB./ Where bets are placed on the Exchange I am going to drop back one tick with the bets so I can ignore doing any commission calculations.
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Graeme Graeme I always have too re' odds on but since I've been playing short priced football bets ( as doubles ) it kind of made me think....could I grind out a profit?
pete pete made me laugh last week when he said on his Crash and burn? thread....
the low prices make my teeth itch
....so lets see here if the 'slow progress or not' does the same for me.


System A selection : Horse racing : 4 places betting : Betfair have yet to put up place markets for Gowran Park. I may have to avoid Irish racing going forward for this system.
Bet will be 1pt Insinuendo for 4 places at BFSP. - NON-Runner

System A bet now a non-runner. Interesting move in the odds - went out to 13ish from 7ish and back in again before becoming a non-runner. Just shows, I think, that those 'in the know' laying the horse ( with a possible problem ) but probably 50/50 for a run!!....hmmm.

Place markets haven't materialised yet anyway for Gowran Park ( surely there will be!!?? ) but I haven't got all day to wait.
Irish racing now dropped for this system.


I said that that's it for today, but I want a horse bet interest, so:-

System E selection : Horse racing : 2 places betting

3.35 Newton Abbot.......Heross Du Seuil
2 places 1pt BFSP ( will be around 1.5 ish )
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retriever retriever yes it something that's on my "list" of things around odds movement. I think often the market tells a better story then what we can dig around and find. The hard part will be spotting it before it becomes past the point of value.

This has got me thinking about doing something similar but with L2B on the horses but perhaps targeting for a % increase in bank a day


Sounds an interesting idea retriever retriever I have never been a fan of the stop at a winner betting style though so not too keen on the stop at 10pts bit, but thats just a personal thing.

However I wish you luck, hope you find a good bill paying income and will follow with interest.

...I may even be encouraged to try something similar myself :lolsign:




Sounds an interesting idea @etriever I have never been a fan of the stop at a winner betting style though so not too keen on the stop at 10pts bit, but that's just a personal thing.
It's just initially a target thing......something to aim for. If it works, then I would probably do a 'rolling' 10pt target.....hit target.....few days off.....start again.
The object here really is to get me ( and any of you ) to learn to focus on each bet.....each bet counts as it's a plus or minus on the bank ( obviously, sorry...lol ).
How many of us do 'throw away' bets and waste our bank?