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VDW Systematic Betting

@ARAZI91 At first I thought your VDW Maximiser Post was a really good wind up but now I see that the usual cabal of review sites are pushing it. I see that it’s from Anonymous Ginger which unless I am very much mistaken is from the great Michael Wilding, who has produced many a profitable method in the past (well, according to him and his chums anyway). Stand by for a recommendation from them all and should it go belly up during the review periods stand by for the review period to be extended in the hope they get lucky for a short time.

For the life of me I can’t understand why I don’t see these guys in the Sunday Times rich list every year. I mean all these fantastic methods they devise or recommend. Surely they are all billionaires by now? I just wish I were as great an expert as they are. Big sigh!
Hi @wolfetone - i only realised a few hours ago that it is the same chap who runs a site called raceadvisor.com - yes - Michael Wilding. His blurb says he studied :) under the great "computer teams" of Hong Kong and the US :D:D , although i know he learned and poached everything and anything from the US forum Pace Advantage - Im sure people would have helped him on UK forums including here but that would have gave the game away!!.
Not as I understand Lee’s Bets

Check out Victory Bond (Jan 8th ) that was a Pre Race Selection From the Lee Style Bets from my Thread on The Blog
Check out today’s Lee Style Selection, posted Pre Race on the Blog

Southwell 4.30 Volatile

For those who have access to the Class Sheet , you need to click on the Form Sheet Tab and the data is there laid out in the same style that I used to analyse Lee’s Bets

Thanks Bold Gait, I will not back anything that drifts alarmingly, and indeed many of VDW's selections were also well backed, from what I have seen. I don't mind backing horses who lengthen a small bit in the face of support for other horses but big drifts are a no no for me.

VDW "Go back to the beginning and....temperament and odds."

That is my template for betting.