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Super 6- what would you do?


This weekend one lucky punter has picked 5 out of 5 correct scores and if they get the 6th result correct tomorrow they win 1 million

- the result needed is Brentford to beat Preston 3.0 which is currently trading at 16/1 on the exchange

so what do you do??

Wait for tomorrow and hope for the 3.0 to win 1 million or in the likely event of it not finishing 3.0 and collect zero??

I would personally much rather lay the 3.0 on the exchange to collect a guaranteed approximate 60k.... only problem being you’d need 940k in your exchange account!!

in which case I’d be on here asking for a small(ish) favour off a few exchange-rich participants

nice dilemma to have...interested to hear your views


Do bookies payout that much these days? 1 million?
There used to be a limit on what a bookmaker would payout in my day on football bets.......of ¼ million or so?
Can't remember the exact amount, but my mates and I would only place the minimum stake needed so we wouldn't feel 'aggrieved' by such a situation as above.


Oh right....sorry didn't read the title :doh:

I think I had a few goes on that at the beginning of last season for a few weeks. Soon gave up!! lol

Yes, would be a nice dilemma to have but not much time from Saturday to Sunday to solve it.
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Norn iron

I always do a super Heinz on my super 6 scores just in case of a situation like that so I'm guaranteed a good win even if I get a mere 5 out of 6!