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Steve's AW Speed Ratings

Hi J JeffFriedman yes there is, are speed ratings something you are wanting to do ? if so then be warned it is very time consuming even for myself just doing the all weather courses.
The more you can automate the better, this is an excellent place to start Early days and you can learn alot from reading that thread.
If you need any help then just ask and if i can i will or any questions, one thing i will say tho is have a really good look around the forum as there are some little gems in amongst it all that can help volumes and welcome to the forum by the way.
Thank you, SteveT SteveT. yes, I would like to have a look at the process behind the speed ratings. I would like to learn how to do it, even if it's something I later on decide I don't want to continue on with. I like to learn new things - I like to experiment with different systems and see if I can discover something that will turn out to be reasonably profitable. I will have a look at the early days thread.

Thank you


Hi J JeffFriedman if you subscribe to horse race base then this template will help you to get started, it was made by one of the forum members to help some else get started and already has a set of standard times with it which will save you alot of time.
I also have this that i used when i first started out with creating my own figures, it is not something i use anymore as you will learn over time to make your own ratings and you will find as you progress and learn more then you are constantly looking to improve things until you come up with a system that make you happy.
Speed ratings are only a tool to help reduce the time spent studying a card just like any other set of ratings and perhaps give you an edge over the mainstream and find something that others have overlooked.


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