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Steve's AW Speed Ratings


Hi O Outlander
Yes could not believe it myself when i was going over the results this morning, i do get some nice priced one's placed out my top 3 now and again but not usually like those results.
My ratings are not as good as dave's or mikes i think but i do try and always looking for ways to improve them and sometimes it works other times it does'nt.
Also see you have started a thread which i will be following with interest and hope you have plenty of success with your ratings.


Very well done again SteveT.
Great results and a great thread.

All the best for today.
Hi The Uncouth The Uncouth Thank you for saying so as you can see there is not as much interaction on this thread as many of the others, it's not that i dont want to interact just sometimes i just dont have the time each day to do it but if there is anything you want to know then just ask and if i can help i will, i may not be able to answer straight away but i will always respond as soon as i can and pleased you like it. Are Speed ratings something that interest you or do you use them at all, personally i think they are a good tool to utilise and may give you that little edge.

Hi SteveT SteveT
Thanks so much for your reply.

To be honest I haven't got a clue about speed ratings, I am very simplistic when it comes to my selection choice.
I just look at past form and who I feel is the competition of my choice, and I look at recent races of my choice/opposition and of course trip and ground etc.
Very archaic lol.
You don't have to explain re. interaction as you seem to love putting out the findings of your hard work and hopefully seeing it result and I think that's great, .there are some threads here you just view and mine is kind of like that too.

How members on this forum like yourself get all their information together so professionally I find remarkable.
Thank you it is great that I can come to you with a question as sometimes I might have 2 selections I can't separate, so perhaps a speed rating would settle such a dilemma.

I will be asking....

Thanks so much again Steve.