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The Hoffenheim v Dusseldorf game triggered properly with a HT score of 1-0... unfortunately still waiting for that 2nd goal now at 75 mins with one bet accepted, and the 2nd one just about to be...
Nice - 2nd bet taken and Dusseldorf just equalised ! Automation might be a winner after all if I keep to high-scoring leagues :D


...... OK doing something a little different with the Silver Goal tonight. I will just lay 1pt @ 2.00 leaving it a little later and an evens shot. No matched up bet and nothing lost. One second half goal and 1 point gained, seems about right to me. So going for FC Utrecht v Almere City currently HT 1-0. ;)


..... cor! I went and missed looking at the goal when it arrived in the 67th minute. Unless someone can verify that the lay bet was matched when the goal was scored, I'll have to cancel and leave it out. :eek: