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Soccer Ratings


Over the years I've enjoyed figuring out ratings, with a fair amount of success. I even tried my own ELO type rankings, just for League Two at the time as that was where "my" team played at the time. They had some success but way way WAY too much work to keep up permanently.

One I was using up until recently, that was much easier to work out, and less time consuming, was going really well, a profit just backing the highest rated team in a match to win as long as they were at home. During the stops and starts of lockdown it failed, and is showing some improvement again, but I think the home advantage differences, or lack of, are messing with it.

I would take the goals scored by team A.
Then I would add the goals scored by their last time opponents in their previous game, and add it that total.
Do the same for Team A's opponents today. Highest score is better and a bet if highest score is the home team.
It seems very simple, and is, but I have a few different ways of scoring matches.

I did learn it was folly in the long run to go against the highest scorers even when suing more subtle methods.
Have a look at this:

This one of mine uses the standard elo ratings to compute probabilities.
The important thing is to work out a formula from the ratings (as I 've done) also what does the formula score in the Shannon information scale (its predictivity) ?
We tried some altrenatives:

One was a German website (the ratings it produces are still awaiting calibration). It's posted somewhere here.
The other was the FIFA ratings in 2014 during the world cup - but FIFA replied they don't have benchmarks.
whoscored.com also say they have "the world's best ratings" but are they ? We need data.

I agree with you it's a lot of work to make one's own ratings.
... how do yours compare with clubelo.com? Are they similar as I use these in one of my threads on here during the season. ;)