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Yes, that was an exciting game.
I have never seen Nigel hit the ball that well, not even in his pomp.

Who knows it could be a final with the two not far from drawing their pensions. :)


Judd Trump is out!
No triple crown for him will have to wait until he is in his 30's now.

Ronnie and Neil must be rubbing their hands together.

Well done Nigel :clap::clap::clap:
I think he maybe 30 now btw! i watched the highlights of that game, and NB played excellent and in the winning frame he really held his nerve with the safety play till he potted the pink. I dont think 54 is that old many in their 50s or even 60s seem good at sports now i think is a mind thing really and how the eyes hold up with snooker.
So true...Nigel did take on some ballsy pots, I don't think he had that kind of bottle in his day. Very pleased for him.
Age is no barrier I don't think in snooker, I just think the desire to practise wanes for many of the older players, and when most practise less the results sometimes reflect that.
Nigel Bond himself said yesterday he can't practise the hours he used to in his youth.

Ronnie played very well today, stronger than I think than when he won the Shanghai earlier this year.


...... very sad news indeed! There won't be a final between Anthony Hamilton and Nigel Bond! Unfortunately Anthony was on the bus home having been disposed of by our old friend Matthew Stevens 6-2 so maybe Matthew may be up there to take his place! :D
Matthew Steven's seems to be having a tiny rejuvenation at the moment.
Mark Selby will definitely not be winning the title playing like he did last night, and I believe if Michael continued to play as he did in the first frame he could have whitewashed Mark.

Ronnie plays Ding tomorrow :)


Yeah. Ding next up for Ronnie. As you say Selby was far from convincing and only progressed because his opponent was also poor. Stephen Maguire seems to be going strong and playing well. Robertson says he is going to steam roller his way through the remaining rounds! :eek:
Stephen Maguire for me is a player who seems to be one who just makes up the numbers.
Hasn't achieved a great deal compared to some and I think he has a fragile temperament.
Neil will not have an easy game with Yan.

I have always been impressed by Kurt Maflin.
When he is more experienced he will be giant killing left, right and centre.


...... I note that Mark Allen and John Higgins are both through to the last eight. Pretty much to plan apart from Mr.Trump who is no longer interested in what goes on here. :gotcha:
Mark Allen was quite fortunate I thought.

5-1 to Yan at the moment, thought it wouldn't be easy for Neil.
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..... as you said Robertson thrashed by Chinese youngster Yan Bingtao 6-1 so I guess he won't be doing any steam rolling in the very near future!
Wenbo Liang also through 6-4 so all the pieces beginning to come together. :eek:
Poor Neil if he said that he must be feeling foolish now.
Liang played well, and if Ronnie does not win it I hope he does for his mother.

Ronnie and Ding...Let's get the boys on the baize....as they say.
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..... So it's China's Ding who begins to sing! Poor old Ronnie bites the dust 4-6 and will have to look forward to the next tournament 9th December Scottish Open and John Higgins country! :eek:
Ding was fantastic and deserved his win, he was solid and precise to the end.
It could be a Ding/Liang final....

John Higgins in recent years bombs out early in his own back yard.


...... Nigel Bond through 6-5 and just keeps on going like a Duracell battery. 54 years old and still going strong, a new lease of life and definitely a fatter wallet! What price Nigel for the final! :crazy:
Matthew Stevens beats Mark Selby!
Looks like the classes of the 1990's are inspiring each other.

If Ding played the way he did to overhaul Ronnie, he will be lifting the title come Sunday.
I have seen no-one there who is left who is playing as well as that.

Well done to everyone who has battled through, great tournament.
A Chinese player will definitely make the final.
I think whoever wins in the Ding/Yan match is the person who will lift the trophy.


.... The World number 98 just went out! Nigel bites the dust in an eleven game thriller 5-6. Played really well but did not get much of a chance in the final frame after a safety mistake let in Allen. Mind you it was not all plain sailing from there as Allen missed the Black and Nigel took up the challenge needing three snookers. Never made it. So is it going to be a Chinese New Year early? :eek:
Yes, I saw that...good match.
I just can't split Ding and Yan for the title, as I think its between them.
I think experience may just out, so I say Ding will take the title.