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..... I don't think it is right to try to compare these two. After all they are from two different generations in a roundabout way. Each to his own ought to be the motto here as Trump has not been around as long as Ronnie so there is no comparison to be made currently, only comments on how well each plays on each occasion, and in the Northern Ireland Open one has to say that Trump had the edge. Big difference in ages Trump 27 and Ronnie 41 so Trump has an awful lot of catching up to do! ;)
I don,'t think you quite understood what I was trying to say.
I meant when Ronnie was 30 compared to Trump at 30 Ronnie had achieved far more.
Ronnie was barely 20 when he won his 1st World title, Trump was near 30!
You have to remember also the category of player Ronnie had to deal with in his day..Hendry and Higgins in their heyday, these days you haven't got those type of killers at the top of the game.
Luckily enough for Trump.

Ronnie is 43 btw.
Trump would not be playing to the level of Ronnie at 43, he just isn't in that genius category for me.

I agree Trump was the better on Sunday.


..... fair comment. I was not inferring that you were comparing. All that I said was that I thought it wrong to compare at the stage both are at now as a true comparison cannot be made. Got Ronnies age off Google, so that has to be wrong! :eek:
I was just comparing what they had achieved at the same age.
Ronnie at 30 was far superior in what he had achieved.
Ronnie is definitely 43 :)


..... where are all you snooker enthusiasts, why not leave a comment or two on this fascinating topic relating to players in form? :)


..... apparently there is a huge lack of snooker lovers here so uncouth and myself will just have to keep the flag flying on our love for this Green baize sport. Roll on the UK Championship in five days time!:party:
You are probably right Delboy.
But the odds are huge for his first round exit, I may throw a few schekels on it.
You never know....


When i did back on snooker it was with Stephen Hendry, remember he did all his winning in about ten years and was machine like steady. John Higgins came close and won on him also, i just use to watch them alot really for clues. I like Ronnie but he is not as steady as those two so i never backed him for that reason. But golf was my main sports betting medium mainly in europe and for places, with doubles and trebles they were very consistent players back then and one bookmaker gave up 10 places or more sometimes, in USA i backed to win mainly with Tiger and had a big win on David Duval once i can remember.

I watch snooker now to try and learn some tactics of the players and some of the rules which i know fairly well now, if i did bet maybe JT and NR seem the steady ones at present to follow but is a very short term period so far, i never backed in the world championship seemed to drawn out for my liking as well, i just kept an eye on current form and the other events mainly for my bets back then and served me for about 7 years then petered out like my horse method i used before that.

I liked the old sports days best to say the least, so their you go.
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...... hello OTN. Nice to see someone brave enough to offer some comments on the world of snooker. I thought there was only two of us on here who actually watched and commented about snooker games. You sound like a member of the old brigade, a bit like myself, backing players like Hendry and John Higgins. There was certainly some good snooker around in those days and of course one of my favourites was Alex Higgins. On his game an absolute master but could be known to be a naughty boy! Other than safety play and consistent potting ability I don't see an awful lot of tactics around other than a distinct yearning for each to win. So I don't think you need to worry about tactics. Probably as you mentioned above, a lot about winning comes with good consistent form and of course taking your chances when they come along. We have all seen what happens from a loose break off in a new frame and if the next player takes his chance, he is in for the rest of the frame with the break off guy sitting it out for the remainder of the frame. Don't underestimate Ronnie though, for all his years he is still more than capable of plenty of wins yet. Good to have you aboard, don't be too long in coming back. Cheers. :)
Glad you came around OnTheNod OnTheNod,
I think the Hendry years were quite boring, he was too mechanical.
There was no flair or cavalier shots that kept you on the edge of your seat, you just knew he would win.
I have only bet in the World Championships once and that was when Dott win it I knew he would because he was soooooo disappointed when he played in his previous final, I knew he would not let himself get beat second time around.
He was 66/1.

I like the players who are exciting to watch Alex Higgins, Jimmy White and Ronnie, you just never know what you'd get with this lot...so exciting.
I must also add Tony Drsgo to the list, he could have done much better in his career I feel if he showed more restraint with his shot making...he loved taking on most every shot. Great to watch.

I think money can be made in first round exits, especially the top players coming out...and it happens.


Yes i agree certain players are better to watch but i was betting so i needed consistency i worked on winning each month i use to spend like mad then i suppose a bit wild myself at times even.

But many folk going out of my life has made me less materialistic now i still spend mind you but not so much and am more contented.
Of course, silly me...consistency and Hendry a match made in heaven, you must have done well.

It's nice to be right, I knew you were shrewd OTN.
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.... and so it's on to the next one .... UK Championships - starts Tuesday at the Barbican Centre, York.
1st Round selected matches:-
Ronnie v Ross Bulman
Judd Trump v Amine Amiri
John Higgins v Peter Lines
Shaun Murphy v Eden Sharov
Neil Robertson v Alex Borg
Mark Selby v Andy Hicks
Who is it going to be?????????? Could it be Trump again or could Ronnie come up trumps and score????? :gotcha:
For the win....
I think Neil Robertson has had a nice rest since his early exit in the last tournament, so I see him at the business end.
Shaun Murphy also.
Mark Williams and Luca Brecel could creep into it.

I might go heavy on it I am not sure yet, but on Thursday the 10/1 available for Jimmy White to beat Mark Allen is quite generous.
Jimmy if he didn't twitch would have beat Ronnie a few weeks ago.
Mark Allen I feel is struggling a little this year.


.... I don't know what it is but I am never terribly convinced when Mark Allen is around. For me he has a strange cue action, sometimes its on and other times it's off. I don't think O'Sullivan, Trump and Selby will be very far away. ;)