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shootLDN 2015


#ProudDad back again!
George wanted to create and publish a magazine and needed £1,500 to
get it done. He created a kickstarter to try and raise the funds, he reached the target pretty quickly and with about 3 days to go has nearly £8K pledged .
Looks like there are people out there who likes what he is doing! I thought it was just me and his Mum:D



You've got an entrepreneurial young lad there ArkRoyal ArkRoyal and good on him for raising his own funds rather than relying on bank of mum and dad!
I'd never even heard of kickstarter. So if they needed £1500 for the project what happens to the extra 9k... dads management fees? :whistle:


Hi D djb38
He needed £1500 to print 100 copies of the first issue, which was the smallest print run he could get.
Basically backers are supporting the project by paying for their copies in advance of them being published.
The advantage for George is that he can get a better deal on the larger quantities that he now needs to print and therefore will be able to produce more copies which will allow him to distribute them to photo galleries and the like which could then interest advertisers.

The deal with kickstarter is that they take a fee from the amounts pledge, about 8% the rest will go to George to create the product. If he does not deliver to the backers the promised 'rewards' he can be banned from using kickstarter in the future.