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Scooter's HRB System trials

I'm very new to HRB i.e. about a week....., but I thank all members that have posted and continue to post pointers to getting the best out of it.

I have a few very basic systems saved in HRB and I'll post these here as a means to improving my own filtering with Chris's excellent software. All selections used 'as is' in the first instance.

Friday 22nd Jan 2016

1635 Wolves Summer Isles
1815 Wolves Mariee

atb, J
Thank you all. I reckon that I will need to develop my Race Card reading skills in the first instance and ultimately how to read into previous form but the latter is a very large mountain with no discernible peak in sight at the moment!
One thing that struck me straight away is the scope of HRB. I have only just begun to scratch the surface I know but I see that Chris responds well to ideas and requests due in no small way to the 'community' input on UKBF, and although I don't yet have the skills to move forward very far with HRB what I do wonder from just a few days worth of delving is how anyone manages without it as I'm already thinking of subbing for an extended period.

Thanks very much NigelRG NigelRG , yes, I took 11/10 at Paddy Power at lunchtime.

Tomorrow's selection will be interesting as it has already won for me under something I was trialling off-forum on it's last run.

I'll record the winner today to SP for clarity as I really should have posted the odds at the time. I suspect that with little in depth knowledge of setting up HRB these might struggle soon! I really shouldn't be wagering on them but it takes a lot of discipline not to get involved does it not? :)

atb, J
It depends upon your confidence, my NH was excellent during December but this months weather has turned it to crap but I'm still confident and will put money on them. Scooter_Boy Scooter_Boy

I've never seen success with the A/W so it will be points until it resembles it's 'Performance report'.

Absolutely no complaints today; Sam TD did all he could to get Le Prezien on a par with the winner who had made all and just found the Skelton's charge with too big a heart to let Sam's mount get past him.

Great viewing and plenty of winners on the horizon hopefully.

P/L -1.20 pts

3 bets

One for tomorrow over the water.

1605 Leop. Village Mystic.

Currently trading at 1.73 with Boyle Sports, Paddy P and WillHill. In two minds whether to accept this early price or wait until nearer the off as I'm not sure if BOG stands if bets are placed this early.

I set HRB up for favs or short priced qualifiers NigelRG NigelRG , it'll need a good SR to get into profit I feel and as I am adverse to LLR I thought it the best option to kick off with. I have quite a few tentative systems saved now although a handful are for the Flat season.

These are coming relatively thick and fast now!

1410 Kemp. Authorized Too. Currently around 2.675*. Has cropped in two systems but I'll play just the one for now. 1.91 taken. BOG
1420 Wolves. Secret Interlude. Around 3.25 taken BOG.
1450 Wolves. Sky Ferry. around 3.75 ON HOLD

I'll confirm odds taken asap.

* as supplied by HRB. I see Authorized Too is basically odds on everywhere except Paddy Power..

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Stan James don't fancy the 1420 as they have it out to 3.75 now so I'm tempted to have a little more on it and lay it back either nearer the off or IR. Still 'pennies' whilst I see how the saved systems pan out. Currently 3.55 on BF.