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SatPat Series 3...


Wolverhampton (AW) 6:20 Little Big Man
Wolverhampton (AW) 7:20 Lacey
Wolverhampton (AW) 7:50 Tabaayun

5 e/w patent


Ascot 1.30 :- Upbeat Cobbler Unp
Lingfield 2.35:- Exotic Isle Unp
Wolves 9.20:- Captain Caroline Unp
£5.00 E/W Patent

total stakes 630.00,P/L - 68.73

picked out 7 to work with today,used 2 here,but from my base list 2 won,paying for the others,and at bog a 2 point profit,so pissed orf on here,but not stirred completely :)
Well done to those who found winners /placers,looks like I'll have to ditch my usual plan of possible placers with a chance of the win,and go for the win next week,at least they might place :):)
Thanks all who joined in,final week next week in this series,jolly good show so far chaps,:drinks:


The SatPat,Series 3,Week 10:- 30.11.13

well here it is folks,the last chance to have a go Joe with this series,in the finest Horse Racing Competition available to humanity :):):dance2:
Whether a hardened SatPat irregular,or if this is your first time(we will be gentle with you...)all are welcome,Best Of Each...



Towcester 12.45:- Pod

Newbury 3.35:- Next Sensation

Wolves 8.50:- Coastal Passage

£10.00 Win Patent

G/L Each :drinks:


12.20 newbury as I am won 11/2
12.30 bangor bob ford lost
1.45 bangor kings apollo won 9/4

£10 win patent
Might have to have a stewards on this one, as I put the wrong meeting for kings apollo !

return 308.75

profit 238.75


All good Tom,and well done today,and for the P/L,it's been a long haul for you,but profitable :dance2:
so far today I've had 1 P/U and 1 that fell,a N/R will do for me in the last,but the way things are going ,it'll probably act like that anyway :) :drinks:


Wolverhampton 7:20 Sommersturm
Wolverhampton 8:50 Coastal Passage
Wolverhampton 9:20 Purley Queen

5 e/w patent


Towcester 12.45:- Pod Unp
Newbury 3.35:- Next Sensation Fell
Wolves 8.50:- Coastal Passage 2nd 7/2
£10.00 Win Patent
total stakes £700.00
P/L -£138.73

Many Thanks to all who joined in. and VWD anyone who managed to make a profit.
Thanks again for taking time out to post yer picks,and until the next time,take care out there each :dance2::drinks: