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SatPat Series 3...


The SatPat,Series 3,Week 6:- 2.11.13

bit previous with this,but a reminder that Frank has a comp far better than this for Saturday

none of the you only need 3 crap, 70 notes to spend,and no prize,with Frank's you have 100 notes in total to invest on as many as you like,and there's a prize for the winner !!!
Best of for that one,and anyone who plays the SatPat :drinks:
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I'll get mine in now.
13.25 Ayr Daasij
13.35 Ascot Up To Something
16.05 Wetherby Twelve Roses

£10 win patent


once more ....

1.45 newmarket majeyda
3.00 weth at fishers cross
4.05 weth more of that

£10 win patent


Ayr 2.00:- Spitfire Ace
Ayr 3.45:- Prosecco
Wetherby 4.05:- Cloudy Bob

£5.00 E/W Patent

Best Of Each :drinks:


A bit of a late one but I'm hoping the Personal Touch will give some Great Value here in such Pleasant Company

16:00 Newmarket Personal Touch
16:05 Wetherby Great Value
16:20 Ascot Pleasant Company

5 e/w patent


A bit of a late one but I'm hoping the Personal Touch will give some Great Value here in such Pleasant Company

16:00 Newmarket Personal Touch up
16:05 Wetherby Great Value up
16:20 Ascot Pleasant Company 1st

5 e/w patent
Well at lest I was right about the Pleasant Company


Ayr 2.00:- Spitfire Ace Unp(U)
Ayr 3.45:- Prosecco Unp
Wetherby 4.05:- Cloudy Bob 3rd 3/1
£5.00 E/W Patent

returned £10.00=-£60.00
total stakes £420.00,P/L £104.27

Pleasant Company,true enough Sama,and my only winner from 5 on Frank's Ascot Comp :)
nice one Tom,if anyone deserves a great profit,you do,I think I've peaked too soon :):)
and a nearly week for JamesN.
As per,thanks to all who managed to join in,:drinks:


The SatPat,Series 3,Week 7:- 9.11.13

Thanks for the early entries Lads,at least there'll be 3 of us playing this week :)

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the bookies will not be seeing a penny of my money today,I'd rather make a pot of splosh and get me seed catalogue out,however for the SatPat Craic,ere's me picks...

Kelso 1.05:- Suprise Vendor

Kelso 3.25:- Vodka Red

Doncaster 3.35:- Forgotten Hero

£5.00 E/W Patent

Best Of Each :drinks:


12.20 Winc Whispering Bob
3:50 Winc Inner Drive
4:10 Naas Wounded Warrior

Fiver each way patent please


sorry lads been busy lately but here my input for what its worth.

12.55 winc beside the fire
2.30 san grandads horse
3.05 mcvicar

£5 ew patent