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SatPat Series 3...


Kelso 2.10:- Imperial Vic

Ascot 3.30:- Maxios

Catterick 5.20;- Like Clockwork

£5 E/W Patent

Best of Each :drinks:


need a loan to play this game no winner last week. o/r P+L - £185.94

3.45 cheltenham- mister grez
5.00 cheltenham- balder succes
6.20 wolverhampton- napinda

£10 win patent


Kelso 2.10:- Imperial Vic 2nd 3/1f2
Ascot 3.30:- Maxios unp
Catterick 5.20;- Like Clockwork unp
£5 E/W Patent

Return £8.00 = -£62.00
total stakes £280.00 P/L £227.52

Well even when the first was beaten by a nk,I was quite hopeful with my usual plan of trying to pick placers in with a chance for the win,until the tv pundit said Maxios was looking sooo good it was like a horse just waiting to be backed,I knew then it was doomed..all doooomed :):) and Like Clockwork was hardly ticking over...but never mind eh,for those with a P/L that doesn't look much at the mo,the SatPat,in roughly the same format,has been running,on various forums for a few years now,and it still never ceases to amaze me what a difference one good week can make,and there are still 6 weeks to go in this Series :dance2:
Thanks to all those who joined in this week,and well done anyone who managed a win or place,


Catterick 5:20 Vittachi 2nd 5/1
Cheltenham 4:25 Princely Player 3rd 12/1
Wolverhampton 19:50 Dilgura W 7/2

Out £70
In £45
Loss £25

Should have gone ew o_O


I think it would have given a profit of 125.70 AR,far less than all winning of course,but for me that doesn't happen that often :):) and the e/w does tend to help fight another day :dance2::drinks:


The SatPat,Series 3,Week 5:- 26.10.13

well we have an early bird,Frank has put his up already,so to speak,I hope they win Frank,but you ain't gettin no Bog's round 'ere Pal,it's all to isp,otherwise I'll get complaints that you're changing the goal posts...:):)

Best Of Each,:drinks:
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2.55 newbury prince bishop
3.50 doncaster pinzola
5.00 doncaster free wheeling

£10 win patent


under no illusions this week,some weeks I find it difficult to suss 3 that fit my cunning plan :D of placers in with a chance to win,well there are 7 today,and I've had to draw a line through 4 of em,so we all know what's going to happen don't we :):)

Newbury 2.55:- Nichols Canyon

Chepstow 4.10:- Broadway Buffalo

Stratford 4.30:- The Goldmeister

£5.00 E/W Patent

:drinks: all...



Well done Frank,I noticed JamesN had a good week too,as for myself,1 placer,and you guessed it,the 4 that I chucked out and didn't make ze list...were also crap,can't believe that some folk actually enjoy the NH :)

Newbury 2.55:- Nichols Canyon 2nd 7/4f
Chepstow 4.10:- Broadway Buffalo unp
Stratford 4.30:- The Goldmeister unp
£5.00 E/W Patent

return £6.75,-£63.25
total stakes £350.00,P/L £164.27

Thanks to all who managed to join in this week,:drinks: