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SatPat Series 2...


dave58 said:
£5 each way patent

2:25 Catterick Reve de Nuit

6:15 Stratford Man of Leisure

9:15 Catterick Church Bay

Same as usual - 1 winner, 1 placed and 1 nowhere !!!

-£35.40 today , (not so) grand total of + £75


Broke one of my golden rules and changed the first one just before posting today... and did myself out of a small profit. :doh:

Samacas said:
Newmarket 2:20 Ehtedaam
Newmarket 3:30 No Heretic
Stratford 6:15 Man Of Leisure

5 ew patent
1 won, 1 placed and 1 didn't
Todays return 34 = -36

Running total +397.52


SatPat,Series 2,Week 8...

Haydock 3.50:- City Girl. Unp 4/1co fav

Catterick 5.50:- Nurpur. Won 4/7f

Newbury 7.30:- Scottish Glen. Unp 10/1
£5.00 E/W Patent.

What a novelty,my 'cert' placer was 7/4 early with 8 runners,1 N/R and it ends up 4/7!! ok it won,but was the only one to hit the frame,a deficit this week of £56.88,sooo...
total stakes £560.00,P/L £565.94

Well done everyone for joining in,:drinks:



SatPat,Series 2,Week 9...

A bookies bonanza I reckon today,however we crack on...

Sandown 4.05:- Defendant.

York 4.20:- Forget Me Not Lane.

Bath 4.45:- Mr Dream Maker.

£5.00 E/W Patent.

Best Of anyone who joins in :drinks:
Still on an equine evacuation H, my medication has reduced my alcohol tolerance to that of a 2 year old.

That explains why my 2 year old is always pissed before me.



No probs Nonny,get yerself sorted my son,as for the booze,I'll have a few extra for you,Crumpton Oaks in the first,CabSauv in the second and GnT in the third :) :drinks:


hayzee said:
A 16/1 winner Sama,I'll have to check the rools to see if that's allowed,vwd mate :)
but nothing to go with it. :cry:

Samacas said:
EW patent

15:20 Hexham Le Grand Chene lost
17:05 Sandown Park Cool Sky 1st
17:10 Musselburgh West Leake Hare Lost
Todays return 106 = +36

Running total +433.52


SatPat,Series 2,Week 9...

Sandown 4.05:- Defendant. Unp

York 4.20:- Forget Me Not Lane. Unp

Bath 4.45:- Mr Dream Maker. Unp

£5.00 E/W Patent.

Nice one Sama,but nowt for me this week,so -£70.00...
total stakes £630.00,P/L £495.94
Week 10 next week,what a thriller :) :) :drinks:


The SatPat,Series 2,Week 10:- 22.6.13

putting this up a tad early,so to speak,just to remind members that you can join in at any time,this is Week 10,and the last in this series,it's a friendly,fun comp,not so much against each other,more to get some dosh out of the bookies :) Much Good Fortune to all who play...



SatPat,Series 2,Week 10...

Ayr 3.00:- Riskit Fora Biskit.

Newmarket 4.40:- Akheed Dubawi.

Haydock 7.50:- Copperwood.

£5.00 E/W Patent.

Best Of Each :drinks:


Almost forgot again...5 e/w this week

3:35 Ayr Sublimation
5:25 Ayr Someone's Darling
8:35 Lingfield Foxhaven


Samacas said:
Almost forgot again...5 e/w this week

3:35 Ayr Sublimation up
5:25 Ayr Someone's Darling 2nd 6-1
8:35 Lingfield Foxhaven 3rd 9-2
Not the best finish but not too bad overall

Todays return 41.40 = -28.60
Running total +404.92 :D


Twice the square root again for me this week,so -70.00...
total stakes £700.00 P/L £425.94
Think our Ipswich fan got a couple :) and well done Sama,a good total profit.
Thanks to all who joined in at any time,tbh,there have been several weeks when I wouldn't have touched the racing(like this week again :)) with someone elses,so I fully understand anyone not joining in,but it is only for a bit of added interest.
The SatPat will take a break for the summer,so catch you all later,:drinks: