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SatPat Series 2...

Thirsk 2.45 SAREEAH L
Hexham 5.20 SURPRISE VENDOR W5-2

Loss today -£35 Total now -£100

Win Patent


dave58 said:
£5 each way patent for me

2:05 Newmarket Basseterre

5:30 Limerick Run for Firth

5:55 Hexham Saga de Tercy

Well that was staggeringly bad !!!! - zilch returns today so -£70, and a running total of - £81.60 :oops:


Samacas said:
Uttoxeter 02:25 Flichity up
Goodwood 04:05 Hippy Hippy Shake up
Hexham 07:35 Pensnett Bay up

ew patent
Well that wasn't too difficult to work out, -70
Running total +20.5


anonamouse said:
Can't join the party today chaps, no poorly access, can't read the data off this poxy phone :(
Here's one I found a couple of years ago Euony,hope yer back soon...



SatPat Series 2,Week 3...

Thirsk 3.20:- Off Art. Won 7/1

Goodwood 4.40:- Firmdecisions. Won 8/1

Doncaster 7.50:- Tartan Jura. Unp

£5 E/W Patent.

Well what a diabolical liberty,me banker placer didn't want to play today,and the other 2 won :? :)
a profit of 431.20 on the day though so to date:-
Total stakes 210.00,P/L 421.20
Thanks to all who joined in this week,and anyone that tried to :)
my usual "system" today, 1/4 odds e/w, 4 places, taking on the favs with some e/w value; bet365 BOG :acute:


13:50 ARALDUR @ 16/1 4TH :clap:

15:30 TOUBAB @ 28/1 ALSO RAN :oops:

16:40 CONQUISTO @ 8/1 2ND @ 10/1

£5 e/w returns 5399/1 :violin:

I will also do my usual trick of combining them with a 5 placer:


15:50 REDVERS @ 28/1 4TH

for a 129,633/1 acca :whistle:

let down by the long shot (only 1 of them) for a nice payday :snooty: :doh:


The SatPat,Series 2,Week 4.

My usual cunning plan,ie;Trusty Rusty :)

Notts 5.05:- Corn Snow.

Hexham 5.20:- Lukey Luke.

Thirsk 7.15:- Arizona John.

£5.00 E/W Patent.

:drinks: each...


Samacas said:
A win patent today :pray:

13:55 Hexham Damascus Steel 1st @10-3
14:30 Hexham That'll Do Nicely up
14:40 Ascot Ektihaam 1st @ 11-4
Todays returns 243.33 = 173.33 profit
Running total +193.83


dave58 said:
£5 each way patent

5:25 Punchestown Faugheen

5:50 Hexham Ziggie

6:45 Thirsk Go Go Green

At last ! - a profit of £86.30 on the day makes a massive overall plus figure of £4.70 so far :oops:


hayzee said:
The SatPat,Series 2,Week 4.

My usual cunning plan,ie;Trusty Rusty :)

Notts 5.05:- Corn Snow. Unp

Hexham 5.20:- Lukey Luke. Won 6/1

Thirsk 7.15:- Arizona John. 3rd 12/1

£5.00 E/W Patent.

:drinks: each...
A profit of £30.40 this week so...
total stakes £280.00,P/L 451.60
profits for some this week,well done,and thanks to everyone who joined in,win.lose or draw,:drinks: