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SatPat Series 1


dave58 said:
Have a great time, Kev - happy anniversary :D

I'm not actually having a bet myself today, so watch these hack up :lol:

1 point each way

SomeSecret 4:50 Chepstow
Boxer Georg 5:05 Gowran Park
Island Confusion 5:10 Ayr

Bugger - my 16/1 shot got beaten by a head :mad:

My usual - 2 placed one lost, total of -£6 today , overall for the 10 weeks - £75.80 :oops:


hayzee said:
The SatPat,Series 1,Week 10:- 9.3.13

b/f total stakes 420,p/L - 322.06
Tried to get inspired by some bigger priced value picks,but couldn't,so here's me three for this week...

Wolves 2.20:- Solar Deity. Won 7/4f

Chepstow 4.15:- Come On Annie. 2nd 9/4f

Wolves 4.40:- Broxbourne. 3rd(of 7!) 15/8f

10 Win Patent

Best Of Each...

Just the one winner means my scores for Series 1 are:- total stakes 490.00,P/L - 364.56.
I'm just pleased not to have done the oppin pot :)

Well done to all those that made a profit,and anyone who took part,Series 2 will be back in a few weeks :drinks: