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Race to dubai 2019

The way of calculating this year's race to dubai has changed dramatically from the previous years

Previously it was based on money won this year it's on a points banded system
Nine bands from 2000 points band 1 to 10000 points the open

This according to the European tour will be fairer for a golfer to keep his card

In my opinion it could enable the 2nd tier golfer to win the race

With all the main players playing on the US pga a player who concentrates on the european tour has a great chance now

ADRIAN OTAEGUI at 125/1 fits the bill well he won last year and is capable of winning a band 6 event or 2 next year and maybe not winning but getting points in band 8/9

He's currently 69 in the world and reading his blogg he states that at 26 he's hopeful of progression as he understands the tour now

I'm sure you will get a good run for your money with him as I feel this is his year to step up
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Thanks for that Keegans head Keegans head yes golf is interesting for form reading again just a hobby with me now, i use to follow course winner when they were a good price, but best check on their recent fitness and current form also to see if they could maybe be winners again, also i use to do well on Tiger and David Duval but now i think there is much more spread in the form in who may win.

Also theirs the long wait over 4 days and the down if one loses which is hard for some to handle including myself.
Hi OnTheNod OnTheNod yes I agree the prices seem so tempting but it's definitely harder to find the winner of a tournament now .
I like to back up and coming young players to get into a top 10 or 20 position .there often priced about the 10/1 plus mark ..although they lack experience to win it if they make the cut they are capable of shooting a low round when the pressure is not to great and can creep into a place
Players coming up from the challenge tour fit the bill perfectly . Adrian arnaus is another Spanish player I think will do well he's progressed from the alps tour to the challenge tour to the full tour very quickly and will be big prices for a little while


Keegans head Keegans head

Hi heard the news today on TS that Rory will be on the US tour, obviously a 10th or 20th place pays more than a win on the European tour, won’t be missed by me, always said when he can putt and wedge like the best he will dominate.

Also took the dollar for clubs and clothing so doesn’t surprise me, no doubt he will be back for the Ryder cup qualifications.

He needs titles and majors not money, could have got that doing the 2 tours and supporting our side

Justin is a far better technician in my view and won’t be long before the other young guns are in front of Rory.