• Hi Guest, The forum will be moving hosts on 26 July and as such will be closed from Midday until the move has completed.
    As we will be with new hosts it may take a while before DNS get updated so it could take while before you can get back on the forum.
    I think it will take at least 4 hours but could easily be 48!
    Ark Royal
  • There seems to be a problem with some alerts not being emailed to members. I have told the hosts and they are investigating.
  • Sorry for the ongoing issues that you may have been experiencing whilst using the forum lately

    It really is frustrating when the forum slows down or Server Error 500 pops up.

    Apparently the hosts acknowledge there is a problem.
    Thank you for using our services and sorry for the experienced delay!
    Unfortunately, these errors are due to a higher server load. Our senior department knows about the issue and they are working towards a permanent resolution of the issue, however, I'd advise you to consider using our new cPanel cloud solutions: https://www.tsohost.com/web-hosting

    I will have to investigate what the differences are with what We have know compared to the alternative service they want us to migrate to.
    Keep safe.



this weeks Sabeff gig in the park,standard tickets 76+an 8quid booking fee,with a code that was 'leaked',some say as the tickets were very slow selling,£2,50,no booking fee,although if you want a meat and gleet,it's £250.00,as fucking if,this shit is only eclipsed by Ms Plastic Parton,headlining Glasto to mime to her own infamous tracks,oh well,each to their own,thank goodness I was a yoof when it was a choice of the Beatles,Stones or Kinks at the local in or around the Stow...




a nice easy day,basking in the success of my latest literary effort,The Observer's Book Of Voyeurism...