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Personal Databases

I am sure that most of us who visit this Football section enjoy trying to find some unique "edge" to provide an advantage over the bookies or our counterparts on the exchanges.
However, I wonder how many of us just rely upon stats & data from published online info, available to all, and how many of us build up our own, unique, data bases. It is simple to discover all the basic, general information re. major leagues & teams but, even then, some of the sites can prove to be unreliable & erroneous.
I think that if you select your own small set of criteria in order to choose a specific group of matches and then keep your own database of those results, then that can provide very useful stats which are unique to you.
I believe that the Betfair markets provide the most accurate guides to match outcomes and I respect them greatly, so I would use them to choose my matches.
To give an example based on the foregoing drivel : If you looked at the day's "Match Odds" market and made a list of all games where the favourite was forecast to be 1.80 or above, then you would have a list of matches where both teams had a reasonable chance of winning. If you then took your list to, say, "HT Score" market and checked on which of your matches was forecast at less than 3.0 for "HT 0-0", you would then have a shorter list containing only those matches which the market thought would be fairly tight affairs. This is only an example of one way to choose your niche matches (there are obviously numerous criteria you could use within Betfair).
You could then set up a simple database for your matches with, say, the headings: Date: Match: 1st. Goal Time: HT Score: FT Score: or any other information that you might be interested in.
Over time, you would build-up your database on this niche group of matches, which would remain consistent because the markets are consistent and your matches are chosen by the markets. You can then extrapolate all sorts of stats for this group, such as 1st. Goal Times, Over/Unders, HT Scores etc. etc. and you might stumble upon some invaluable trends.
What I am trying to say, in this long-winded fashion, is that you will be specialising in a small niche sector, whatever criteria you use to choose your matches. If you do specialise and respect the Markets, then I think you have half a chance.

So this would only be for people that believe odds or the market, will determine the outcome?

I did become obsessed with Bet-Mate website once, which gives outcome predictions based on steaming/drifting odds in footy matches, and also market % that has been bet on for home/draw/away

I was close to getting a system, but they then started charging!

Getting back to your idea, are you building a database now? If so which market?
Hi Roger.... It is just my idea for finding a niche group of matches that would be chosen by a consistent method. You could use any criteria, so long as they threw-up matches which had similar characteristics day-in, day-out. Using the Betfair markets is just my idea of one way of doing it.

This is a fairly new idea for me and I have not yet fully decided which way to go with it just yet.
Hi All... Am away in Spain for a few weeks at the mo, so not been very active but the thought occurs to me that a good niche set of matches to concentrate a database on might be sward's games, where the away fav. is 1.5 to 2.0. You could follow HT Score, FT Score, 1st. Goal Time, Over/Unders etc. etc. for just this set of matches & see if any interesting trends develop over time.
This excel database file might be of some use to somebody.

Using my Odds Wizard program, I can produce the true odds for all the major football leagues throughout the world
along with Ice Hockey, Baseball, American Football, Basket Ball and Tennis.


I will try to update the file on a regular basis :cool: