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..... note .... both sheets look quite impressive. I just have a simple sheet involved in the workings of Paul Steele's Ratings. ;)
Delboy99 Delboy99 . :) . Bar a bit of small stakes inplay I am not really betting until sept and work isn't as hectic as normal so I have a bit of time. As soon as I have ensured that all of my calcs are correct I will leave alone for at least a season. The idea is to save time in the long run by having all of my system bets already calculated for me and to make more leagues accessible. I am also a bit of a fan of backtesting systems before using them and automating these sheets saves me a HUGE amount of time in that process.


Looks excellent, I have to admit I just gave a colleague a crate of beer to do something similar for me as I struggle with macros. Could have kept it for myself had I known you would step up. At least I was sensible and bought two... If the colleague thing doesn't work or yours is better I may need your help in copying the macro onto my main sheet. Already I can see yours working well as I could probably get rid of the fixtures page by modifying a formula...

Feel free to add to and/ or mutilate any of the sheets I put out. The only thing that I ask is for errors to be pointed out. The sheets that I have currently shared are just me playing around a little and testing ideas I haven't previously considered or calculated.... I don't suppose you want to check the ELO rating calcs for me? :)

FYI I will be sharing my main file just as as soon as I am confident the Steele and Elo calcs are correct. I also need to tweak the formatting slightly as there is a minor issue when A1 is <3 in overview for leagues with less than 24 teams in. Additionally no formulas will be hidden or protected so you will be able to modify and adapt as much as you want.
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.... as the Man City v Arsenal game has been called off for tonight, I can now complete this week's Paul Steele Ratings:-
Play 20/06
Watford 9.986 v Leicester C 10.542 -.556 2
Play 20/06 Bournemouth 9.190 v Crystal P 9.873 -.703 2
Play 20/06 Brighton & H A 9.616 v Arsenal 10.535 -.919 2
Play 22/06 Manchester C 10.845 v Burnley 10.259 .586 1
Play 21/06 Newcastle U 9.508 v Sheffield U 10.083 -.575 2
Play 19/06 Norwich C 9.416 v Southampton T 9.653 -.237 2
Play 21/06 Aston V 8.708 v Chelsea 10.455 -1.747 2
Play 20/06 West Ham U 9.781 v Wolverhampton W 10.533 -.752 2
Play 23/06 Tottenham H 10.251 v Manchester U 10.947 -.696 2
Play 21/06 Everton 9.795 v Liverpool 10.798 -1.003 2
The Norwich game looks to be the tightest around this week.
I have edited in the dates that these games are to be played having been displayed here since prior to lockdown. ;)
Manchester C 10.845 v Arsenal 10.535 .310 1
Aston V 8.708 v Sheffield U 10.083 -1.535 2
.... so I take it that these are predicting all home wins is that right? One of my other systems has all three with BTTS and all at percentages over 80%. ;)
..... I have decided that it is extremely messy to be trying to keep up with all the ratings while this virus is about this season, and with football matches coming thick and fast. I have therefore put a temporary halt on the Elo Ratings and concentrating on The Paul Steel Ratings only:
Tues 23rd.
Leicester C 10.504 v Brighton & H A 9.787 .717 1
Tottenham H 10.307 v West Ham U 9.594 .713 1
Wed 24th.
Manchester U 10.891 v Sheffield U 9.544 1.347 1
Newcastle U 9.906 v Aston V 8.894 1.012 1
Norwich C 9.039 v Everton 9.889 - .850 2
Wolverhampton W 10.720 v Bournemouth 8.997 1.733 1
Liverpool 10.704 v Crystal P 10.086 .618 1
THURS 25th.
Burnley 9.744 v Watford 10.024 -.280 2
Southampton T 10.030 v Arsenal 10.059 -.029 X
Chelsea 10.410 v Manchester C 11.406 -.996 2

So the Southampton v Arsenal looks to be a close one this week. ;)
..... don't know yet if the lack of home supporters are having anf effect on these ratings, but only four correct, so will probably need further proof:-
Sat 27th
Aston V 9.052 v Wolverhampton W 10.598 -1.546 2
Sun 28th.
Watford 9.898 v Southampton T 9.752 .143 1
Mon 29th
Crystal P 9.694 v Burnley 9.873 -.179 2
Tues 30th
Brighton & H A 9.908 v Manchester U 11.066 -1.158 2
Wed 1st
Arsenal 10.337 v Norwich C 8.989 1.348 1
Bournemouth 9.119 v Newcastle U 9.748 -.629 2
Everton 9.939 v Leicester C 10.383 -.444 2
West Ham U 9.464 v Chelsea 10.628 -1.164 2
Thurs 2nd
Sheffield U 9.369 v Tottenham H 10.437 -1.068 2
Manchester C 11.188 v Liverpool 11.096 -.092 2

Looks tight the Man c v Liverpool game. ;)
..... the ratings seem to be back in stride this week, four correct from 4 selections with six still to come. That is more like it! ;)
..... ughh! missed it completely as it was on the other side of my sheet. Apologies but the Everton v Leicester result also spoilt the set later as I am not out to fiddle. ;)