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Online Poker.

Heres my experience of several online sites.

First is was Betfair, cryptologic, just fun ofcourse 5$ tournaments, just seemed like poker to me, some you win some you dont.

Then with being stuck in the house all day i decided to play 10$ sit & go's 9 seaters, 2 or 3 at a time, whatever i needed to play to stay or get back into the top 10 of the leader board for those tournaments, but i couldnt beat the 10% rake.

I played for 10 months solid, to do little better than break even after prize money, so jacked it in.

Did'nt play for years, then joined fulltilt, i played freerolls, my neighbour 2 doors down freerolled a seat at the island European poker tour tournament held here in every october, the island is home to all the big poker brands, he won 30k from a freeroll seat, that enthused me back in, his name is david hill, any google search will find linked to poker.

Anyway i quickly realised no matter how i played they were'nt going to let me win cent without registrering a card and depositing, so i packed in after about a 1000 freerolls, but i knew i was being restricted, i just couldnt work out how.

So i thought about it for a while, watched mid stake grinders playing for hours, read loads of rigging threads, witnessed the fucknuttery of to's and throws between both sides, but between the fucknuttery there were some nuggets from code writers etc, people without vested interest.

I was still no closer to answer as to how they were restricting me, could be a myriad of ways, but it was always 2 main ways the grinders and the industrie men relied on first, to belittle the 'rigtards', that the rng is totally random and certified, and '' its the same for everyone learn to play online poker its different''.

Ofcourse the poor bloke who has been fucked over by a sites contrived variance cant see what the smug pricks are telling him, because he is to angry at the sophistry of it being portrayed as 'real' or 'totally random', and he is just a conspiracy wacko, as the poker sites have billions to lose if caught rigging, and they mock and mock him until he disappears, and theres millions of them that have been ground through the cycle now.

I may not have been any closer to satisfying my curiosity, i just didnt realise how many pieces of the jigsaw i had in my head, i just keep reading and the months rolled on same old, same old.

Then one day i was on a manx local forum, and they were discussing pokerstars accounts, and picking thru them, well then i saw the proportion of their income from monies derived from the billions £ ring fenced account funds/deposits,, ............ right there and then i knew what their game was, it all fell together.

The smarmy industrie men glorifying the only random thing about the game
The grinders learn to play online poker its different,
The everytime i deposit i get lucky/win, then playing the same poker i lose it all.

Its all about keeping the money on site, and protecting it, because thats where the majority of their income is derived from, it is that simple, its just so blatant now aswell, when you join you have to untick bonus box's, they need/want you to take a bonus, this way you have to play it thru, and cannot withdraw until you have, by that time any early winnings and in most cases the deposit are gone in rake and into other people at the start of bonus play thru accounts, this is why you can get a bonus with every deposit, the 'free money bonus'' locks all your funds in.

Millions of accounts locked in, you could argue until the cows come how the software achieves it once the cards are generated, after that it is completely contrived to what is best for the business.

So now i knew, i didnt need to seek confirmation, i knew.

So now if its contrived it can beat right, just got to figure out how.
Well i dont think it can be beaten, but knowing whats likely to happen is a good edge, so i went back, and tried again to freeroll it in to the manx tourney, this time i wasnt going to let it restrict me, i didnt register a card or deposit, i just tried to biuld a huge stack early, and then sat out until eventually i hit a 50c cash tourney ticket.

So i played that 50c tourny 70 players and won it, played another straight after 137 players, i won that, and i was quickly upto $100+, so now im up and running, i ran my contrived cash game welcome as long as it lasted, now i just play 1/2$ tournies, 1500+ of them, around $600 all told now, nearly enough to buy my ticket to the Manx, the reason the bonus guys dont eat me, is because i dont give them the chance, i know whats likely to happen by the river, i know they are on a bonus because i scope them, ive done it that often i dont need to do it much now, i recognise the pattern very quickly, so i just stick to playing the half a table i have a shot against.

Now if i posted this in a poker forum they would just say styles of play etc etc, sub-concious etc etc and so forth and bollocks, it isnt, in poker terms i have a fantastic roi, i started with nothing, and its because i avoid the bonus new acc players.
Theres loads of them, because of the cheap entries, and when i become a victim of the contrived variance, i just stop playing for a few weeks, go back again pinch a few dollars, rinse wash repeat.

I had it confirmed to me literally that i was beating the system, see i needed to verify the account, so i went into the copy shop in douglas to get everything copied and emailed, you know all the bollocks that they want.
£16 she says for the copying, i thought f/me £16, i thought not as long as you have a hole in your ass am i paying £16.

Fultilts offices were a mile away, so i went up there, nice lady on receptions got a nice american lady down, what can i do for you and all that stuff, then this isnt the way we normally do business etc, but she understood £16 is £16, or go a mile up the road for nothing, she about 20 minutes with security and my documents, came back sat down said everything is sorted thats fine if i wanted a cheque they would issue one, i said no i dont want to withdraw, i want to use the funds for a seat at the villa, she said you have done very well, i said aye but its only a few 100 dollars, then she said it, yes neverless they say you have done very well not many people can do what youve done, i said well i just play that 1 or 2 tourneys a night cos its fun.

It just confirmed what i already knew, Its all bent.

manxman21 fultilt poker, sharkscope is your friend. [thats tourney only]

see you at the villa marina october 2016.
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Years ago I had a go at Poker - joined some online casino that had pretty loose players at the lowest levels - won a few bob - but it was soooo boring - I gave it up.

But good luck to you - you seem to have cracked it.
I've played 1000's of hours of online poker and 100's of hours of live poker.

Definitely not bent. It used to be an easy game but with the tools/resources available now it's not hard for anyone to be become at least semi decent at low stakes.
I dont use any tools i just check how many tourneys they have played when i recognise the pattern, until checking became unnecessary, because i was right so often, and its a chore, i completely aviod them, or tippy toe a high value starter depending on position, it is the only reason im up.
A long time back I had a go at Poker - joined some online gambling club that had truly free players at the least levels - won a couple of weave - yet it was soooo exhausting - I surrendered it.

In any case, good fortunes to you appear to have split I